Xbox Custom Xecuter2 BIOS + UIX Dash – GSM FRP

xemu 0.7.67 Xecuter2 5032 UIX Lite.


4 thoughts on “Xbox Custom Xecuter2 BIOS + UIX Dash – GSM FRP”

  1. Patrick: I don't get it.
    The XBOX: Let me boot it up for you.
    The PlayStation: My favorite color is blue, so… did you put a mod?
    The XBOX: Yes I did.
    0:110:17: Am I a joke to you?
    The XBOX: Why is it BLUE??! (scuffs)
    The PlayStation: It's my favorite color…
    Nintendo Company: I did not see that…
    All of his other fiends: We did not recognize blue back then…
    Other companies than XBOX, PlayStation and Nintendo: Since when is blue our fiend?
    Even the non-console companies, the viewers watching this video: WHY IS XBOX A DIFFERENT COLOR THAN GREEN? Green is the only color we love…
    Patrick: So now I got it…
    The PlayStation: I got that too.
    Bill Gates: Would you like to sell my consoles?
    Patrick: NO! THIS IS PATRICK!
    PlayStation Passerby: My consoles can be yours for just $499.
    Patrick: NO! THIS… IS… PATRICK!!!
    Patrick: And MY NAME'S NOT RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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