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Today I am going to review Windows 11, the miraculous successor to Windows 10. Are you hyped? I kind of am, the MBR support has finally dropped. I hope they won’t convert the entire system to UWP, though. A few changes I discuss in this video are the OOBE overhaul, the window manager remake and some new features. The future is finally here!

Windows 11 is a confirmed Windows 10.0.21996.1 build.

Windows 11 – check the pinned comment.

Password: mysubsarethebest

New sounds:
Startup –
Hardware –
Notification –
Custom –
Background –

0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Installing Windows 11
2:04 – The new OOBE
4:22 – Features and changes
7:46 – Let’s break it!
8:57 – Outro

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