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Windows 11 Sun Valley (version 21H2) hands-on review with new features, improvements, and changes, including new icons for File Explorer, Settings, and across the system. Start menu changes. Voice Typing and new Touch Keyboard experience. Adaptive brightness control (CABC), Cameras settings, Auto HDR for gaming, graphics settings, new storage manager, Storage Spaces in Settings, Linux GUI apps, and more. More info ➤ AND Windows 11 install process ➤

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Table of contents:
00:00 Intro
01:00 Explorer and Settings new icons
05:46 Windows 11 new Start menu
07:11 Voice Typing
07:47 Touch Keyboard
09:27 Adaptive brightness control
10:19 Windows 11 new Auto HDR
11:20 Graphics settings for Sun Valley
12:13 Windows 11 new storage manager
14:15 New Storage Spaces on Sun Valley
17:04 Windows new Cameras settings
18:16 New DiskUsage tool
19:31 PowerShell reset apps option
20:01 Linux GUI apps support on Sun Valley
23:52 Closing

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