Why Do Men Still Watch Adult Movies in a Relationship? + How To Get at Tall Girls – No Chaser Ep 141 – GSM FRP

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22 thoughts on “Why Do Men Still Watch Adult Movies in a Relationship? + How To Get at Tall Girls – No Chaser Ep 141 – GSM FRP”

  1. points taken in the episode guys, but BIG CAP, maybe you three have a life which you haven't experienced such a thing but I can attest to the fact that while in High School I was the nice guy and the funny guy but let a bad boy and or football player come into the classroom and watch how many girl flock to that guy. That certainly doesn't change all that much in adults when most women will often want to know how much you make before giving you a chance, so no, there is a thing to women not giving a nice the time of day till later when that same rich or athlete has played her enough to where she attempts to see where that nice guy is later in her life. Pretending like that isn't something is just wrong. Still a fan of the show

  2. To put it simply, the reason people watch porn is because it is Virtual Polygamy, up until the last 100-150years humans are and were polygamous, porn has replaced the urge to go get a 2nd or 3rd wife or another husband by simply watching porn

  3. I make my own so I technically I still watch during a relationship.

    " the call me BiG Poppa"
    I boned so many girls to that song the first year it came out

    I'm 6'3 so most girls are short to me

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