Using Windows 10 on a Computer from 2005 – GSM FRP

I see how Windows 10 holds up on an old, HP Compaq dx5150, 2005-era computer in this video.

Kevin MacLeod – Electro Cabello
Otis McDonald – Not For Nothing

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29 thoughts on “Using Windows 10 on a Computer from 2005 – GSM FRP”

  1. P.S. I spent the first few minutes of the video describing the specs the computer, as this is also a review video. Skip to 6:55 if you want to see Windows 10 actually running on the computer.

  2. I have a 2007 dell inspiron 531s and i installed 10 32 bit on it and tbh i was fine but i had to put in 4gb so it would be stable because it had 960mb but i did end up putting 64 bit windows 10 because most applications werent supported anymore so when i did install it it was slightly slower but i ended up putting a radeon 6350 gpu which made its performance better and made more applications supported now i do plan on getting a better gpu thats low profile because this pc i have has no side panel so the gpu i put sticks out also my pc is 2.0ghz

  3. My old 2005 ASUS runs Windows 7/8 smoothly (I will install Windows 10)
    Intel Celeron 2.7 GHz (I remember)
    1 GB Ram DDR(idk)
    Intel Graphics (?) 200 something MB usable, Microsoft DirectX 9 or 10, WDDM 1.0;
    70GB HDD, and another 70GB HDD;
    Sorry for little info, I will update it sometime after

  4. I got my first pc in 2009 when i was 11 years old. And played aot of games. Now my glasses piwe is – 5.25 i wish i didnt play that much games

  5. I still have my first computer. It's a hp Pavilion a810n from 2001. It has the Athlon64 in it. It came with a 160gb IDE drive. Has no way to accept the larger SATA drives. I want to find the largest IDE hard drive I can get, and put Windows 10 on it. I want to leave the XP intact on the 160gb drive and have the option to switch between drives for XP, and 10.. Just unplug one and plug in the other. But It will mostly be a windows 10 PC.

  6. why have more then 1 pc well 1 pc for gaming only and another for youtube and music and discord so ur gaming pc dont have multiple programs opened lol well thats what i do anyways

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