Using Apple A1277 USB-Ethernet adapter with windows 7 – GSM FRP

You can use a Macbook air USB-Ethernet adapter on a Windows 7 machine even though it wouldn’t normally find a driver by making a quick hack to the chip driver you can obtain from the manufacturer. It is important to note that I know that there are at least 2 different chips being used in these adapters and this is just one of them.

Link to the Driver download page:

Signature check disabling:
bcdedit /set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

bcdedit /set testsigning ON

Driver modification
Line to replace
%AX88772A.DeviceDesc% = AX88772A.Ndi,USBVID_0B95&PID_772A

Replace with
%AX88772A.DeviceDesc% = AX88772A.Ndi,USBVID_05AC&PID_1402


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