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In this video we will show you how to unlock Bluetooth features on compatible sizes of the Samsung MU6290 to provide the same features as the more expensive MU6300.

Note that changing the Service Menu may invalidate your warranty or cause irreparable damage, so if you follow this guide then make sure to only adjust the settings shown.

Let us know in the comments if this works for you, and we will update this description as we get more information.

Models presented : Samsung MU6290 55″ (UN55MU6290), Samsung MU6300 55″ (UN55MU6300)

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Supported models:
MU6290 55″ (UN55MU6290)

Unsupported models:

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48 thoughts on “Unlocking Bluetooth on the Samsung MU6290 – RTINGS.com – GSM FRP”

  1. I've same model TV and tried same as you suggested in video. After update the settings, I can be able to see "Expert Settings" option but it's not listing bluetooth devices. Can you help me who to resolve this. Thanks in advance.

  2. Followed your instructions and eventually got into the service mode. Made the necessary changes per your direction. It took several failed attempts to get the bluetooth feature to pair with my earbuds until I finally succeeded. Now my new Tozo NC-2โ€™s have even more functionality.
    Really appreciate this video! Thank you sir.

  3. I've had this tv for 3 years and have givin up on having Bluetooth. I tried a bt dongle and usb Bluetooth. After 3 years I for some fucken reason lol, decided to look up the model number. Point is. Thank you

  4. Im not sure of model but this worked for me all the way to showing bt setting which I couldn't achieve at any time. The problem I now have is that the bt searches for something to pair with but just won't recognize any device we've tried. It just keeps searching with no success…Do you have any ideas? Thank you very much for your effort.

  5. I got this to work but itโ€™s not paring my airpods(they are not new AirPods the ones before). So is that an AirPod issue? Do other wireless earbuds work? What brand of wireless headphones work? (This does work if you carefully follow the directions for my Samsung smart tv 600 series-bought in 2018)

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  7. Everything went well EXCEPT when i chose sound and BT speakers my headset wasnโ€™t on the list even i was trying so hard to pair it. How can i add my Bluetooth headset to the list man ?

  8. The bluetooth speaker logo show up but i cannot pair my airpods to the tv , it stay on searching devices and nothing happen… any advice is appreciated guys

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