Universal Samsung Galaxy s6 s7 note 5 note 7 FRP bypass for all Samsung devices GSMFRP

How to Bypass factory reset protection / previously synced Google account lock on your Samsung device this should work on all …

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  1. it says this content is no longer available for your phone. contact the content provider if you… and then it throws me into a white screen that says "no items" on the middle, what to do pls help



  2. Hi, Your Video are very interesting. My Company give me a samsung A71 locked by FRP, do you think this secret manipulation going good for me?
    Thanks a lot to share

  3. This wont work on S7 with Android 8… Even though sim tray is empty it shows following message when I send this "at+creg?rn"

    +CREG: 0,3

    …..What happens if I send "atd1234;rn" ??? Well calling screen will show up and you can't use the glitch 🙁 I need to find different way to solve this.

  4. I have a stubborn J3 SM-337A. Managed to get the apk you mentioned, downloaded and installed on the phone using Easy Samsung FRP. Nothing happened but I was able to pull up a youtube channel, then navigate to get the frp 1 APK you mentioned. Then got in installed. No FRP unlock. So, tried the RealTerm to see if i could get back into the phone and try to reopen the download and re-install. Couldn't get to the phone contacts, that screen doesn't come up on this Samsung J3 , which they call the Samsung prime on the cricket network.It's Android 8.0. Thanks for the video, and I've learned alot from watching your videos. First attempt on doing this,it was interesting to figure at least some of it out.

  5. PLEASE HELP! I have a samsung galaxy a6 that a friend has given me but I can't find the modems tab in device manager and it wont show up on my computer, i have tried installing drivers but it didn't work

  6. this is not working anymore as option to "add contact" is disabled in most of actual devices.
    also there's no option to open any link or something to open a browser..
    Do you know any tip about this?

  7. Is there an updated version to this? I follow the steps and I get to the part where it makes the call to the 1234 number but it does not give me the option to press anything, I thinks its been patched.

  8. I'm trying to bypass frp on a samsung j3 6 (j320a), I used realterm to send the commands to the phone, and it works, but there is no scan business card button, so I'm not sure what I can do at this point.

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