Turn on remote PC and access BIOS remotely – GSM FRP

How to turn on/off remote PC, access BIOS remotely, restart a remote computer with a “Blue Screen”, access boot menu and boot remote computer from CD? Use free software Radmin Viewer 3.3 with Intel AMT (Active Management Technology) support. Intel AMT is a remote control technology, which is integrated into the hardware component of PC based on Intel vPro platform. Read more about Intel AMT, vPro and Radmin Viewer 3.3 at http://www.radmin.com/products/radmin/intel_amt_features.php


28 thoughts on “Turn on remote PC and access BIOS remotely – GSM FRP”

  1. cool, hmm, how do you specify the remote username and password if it's actually accessing the bios? Does amt make you set a password? is there a way around a null password?

  2. @hammad9944 I'm not sure I get the meaning of your question right. You'd better contact our technical support, they will be glad to help you. Use support.radmin.com to submit a ticket

  3. @DackDack123 Unfortunately, this can be done only on machines with Intel AMT technology. If you need help with your AMD machine, please submit a ticket to our support on radmin.com

  4. Hey i am so happy for you my friend i was facing some problem related to my laptop actully i wanted to install xp on it..but few keys of my laptop keyboard is not working so Basically i was not able to use my "up" and "down" keys to select bios like first boot and all stuff and after that even i am not able to select disk partition (cuz of up and down key) but you make it men…..i am so glad buddy….thnx..:D

  5. Howdy y'all!  Does anyone know if this would work for me to remotely enter a Drive Encryption Key?  I have several client systems I need to reboot to complete an install but my issue is that each system needs a Key as noted above to complete it's boot sequence and the key is entered before the OS is loaded.  I kinda think this would work… does anyone know?

  6. Do you ever plan on creating an Android app? I don't always have my laptop with me, but if I always have my phone and/or tablet. If I need to Remotely Administrate and I didn't bring my laptop I'm screwed. A faithful, registered user for years. You make a fantastic product. Thank you…

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