Troubleshooting No POST, No Video out on a custom built computer and replacing the motherboard – GSM FRP

This is excellent no video troubleshooting if I do say so myself. Don’t think so? Come at me in the comments. It turned out to need a new motherboard which I installed and the computer is working.

You can purchase the tools I use in my videos using the Amazon links below.

Power supply tester

This is the powered screwdriver I use in the video. Metabo HPT Cordless Screwdriver Kit

DataVac blower

This is the cheaper version I show

This is the one I have. It has the same 64bit set along with some other useful tools and a carrying case.

00:00 Verifying the no video issue
00:27 Removing RAM
01:00 Trying one stick of RAM
01:37 Swapping in a none good graphics card
02:47 Testing the power supply
03:52 Reattaching the power cables to the motherboard
04:48 Resetting the CMOS
05:51 Attaching a PC speaker
07:12 Removing the WIFI expansion card
07:35 Putting both RAM sticks back
08:20 Resetting the CMOS
09:25 Removing non essential cables from the motherboard
10:58 Removing the motherboard from the case
12:16 Removing the CPU cooler
14:26 Removing the CPU and checking for bent pins
14:50 Reinstalling the CPU
15:43 Trying a new power supply
17:18 Trying new RAM
18:40 Resetting the CMOS
19:21 Trying a new motherboard and It Works!
23:20 Reassembling the computer
39:45 Installing drivers for the new motherboard in Windows
41:37 Updating the BIOS on the motherboard
44:17 Changing RAM speed and fan speed settings in the BIOS
45:30 Talking about reactivating the Windows license, if needed
46:35 Going over what I did and more Windows license talk


2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting No POST, No Video out on a custom built computer and replacing the motherboard – GSM FRP”

  1. What could be the problem if pc refuses to power on sometimes , mobo rgb on but power switch does nothing, and shortning the power pins also does nothing, even replacing psu same thing, draining power and cmos battery also does nothing , but if i leave it for days , it wil work suddently with an overclock with no problem for days , and it will do it again suddenly after a normal shut down

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