This is what happens when you modify the RTX 3090 Bios… – GSM FRP

RIPGN is under way… but a random person felt they could take us on?!?! LOL!!!

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24 thoughts on “This is what happens when you modify the RTX 3090 Bios… – GSM FRP”

  1. God hes getting a low oc. Have the black lip edition and with 130core it stays at 2040hmz all day for gaming. I got to 2115mhz before i stopped and the card was still happy.
    I have nothing on mem and my volts are default.

  2. I don’t get it. Wtf is it interesting to benchmark shit, and take some kinda record? It’s totally pointless and you don’t play games like that anyway. I find it an utter waste of energy. You probably game like Linus😂😂🤣😂🤣👍. It’s like watching an Episode of Rick and Morty…lotsa big words, but it’s all bullshit. Buncha losers giving each other hanjobs for their scores

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