THE *NEW* BEST VANGUARD GAME & GRAPHICS SETTINGS! We Tested Everything! [Call of Duty Vanguard] – GSM FRP


WARZONE ACADEMY is now adding on to its incredibly in-depth guides by adding additional gameplay where we apply the tactics and strategies we’ve discussed in our guides!

If you’re interested in future coaching videos, let me know what you want to see next!



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31 thoughts on “THE *NEW* BEST VANGUARD GAME & GRAPHICS SETTINGS! We Tested Everything! [Call of Duty Vanguard] – GSM FRP”

  1. NOTE:
    For his 10900K, we originally had it at 6 but switched it to 10. If you are on any other Intel, stay on 4 (9700k, 9900k, 10700k). If on a 10850K or 10900k go to 6.

    AMD is still half (YMMV)

  2. Don’t agree with automatic tac sprint in MP. Shit will get you killed way too much because the ttk is so fast and it will slow your sprint to fire time big time

  3. Hello lceManlsaac, thanks for the great content you provid us that help us and the fun game plays.
    But my question, is there any chance to tell me wat is your image in the screen saver ?So i can use the same on my pc?

  4. After working through the video, making the recommended changes, for me and my setup, my FPS didn't improve. In fact, I started getting intermittent stuttering (latency and packet burst spikes). After doing some legwork, in the vanguard advanced options file, raising your "renderworkercount" above "6" caused issues with many systems. Perhaps if you have the latest i9 chip it won't but for many PC's it will cause stuttering while providing little if any FPS boost. I don't think this is good advice and it will probably cause a lot more trouble than it's worth. It did for me. I set this number back to 6 and my game ran fine again. I have an i9 processor, 3080 gfx card, and 64GB of RAM so it's not like my system is a dog. I appreciate the info and the work going into this video. Lots of different systems out there and everyone has to be smart about how they use this information. I went to the Foves discord to try to discuss this issue. Turns out you can't really talk to anyone there unless you pay for an appointment. Not really a good business model to have a service business and not have a path to answer some simple questions. Not trying to be mean or rude but a little frustrated that I sunk some time into this and there are a number of vids out there that highlight some of these "optimizations" as problematic. Nothing but love for you issac. Overall appreciate the content and the advice you give.

  5. 🚨 keep in mind these settings are for PC players regardless if it’s m&k or controller. I really dislike when these YouTubers don’t clarify that. It is very baiting and misleading.

  6. i run a GTX 1650 with a Ryzen 5 3600G 6-Core processor and 144hz monitor and the max frames i get is 90-110, i feel that i should be getting more than that and my pc is fully optimized with updated drivers…does anyone know a possible solution to this problem ?

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