The FASTEST Screen Repair – Google Pixel 2XL – GSM FRP

I hope I don’t under deliver lol

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– Tools/ Inventory, Identify Problem, Fix Them (Parts Sources)
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– Buying and Selling Phones
– Marketing, Website, Social Media, Advertising

*Link to 5-Day Curriculum:

Link to our FAMOUS Phone Unlocking Academy 1 on 1 session:

Phone Unlocking Academy – Video Session

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Let’s GROW!!

Laser Machine:

Laser Machine

Cell Phone Repair Starter Tool Kit:

Cell Phone Repair Starter Tool Kit – For Androids & iPhones

Screw Driver Set:

Cell Phone Repair Screw Driver Set – For Androids & iPhones

All Purpose Clamp Set:

Device Clamp – For ALL situations (4-Pack)

Heat Resistant Silicone Work Mat:

Heat Resistant Silicone Work/ Organizing Mat

5-Day Curriculum:

Cell Phone Repair Training


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