The Best Way to Bypass Google Account You Can’t Miss Out GSMFRP

Still wondering how to bypass google account (FRP lock)? No worries, this video can help! I’ll introduce the latest and the best way to bypass google account in 2021. Get 4uKey for Android:

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⚠Important notice:
1. This video is only for educational purpose of showing users how to regain access to their own device when they forgot their passwords.
2. 4uKey for Android only supports Samsung series devices FRP removal. Learn more about tech spec:
3. 4uKey for Android is unable to obtain access to credentials, compromise personal data or cause serious harm to others. Do not try to violate YouTube community guidelines.

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  1. purchased and did the steps a few times. Also did another reboot as well and did everything over a second time with same results. "verify your Google account" when i type in my google account info, it says there was an error and i cant retry for 24 hrs? any other ideas?

  2. i tried but it isn't working. When I press on the View tab a YouTube screen is coming telling me to update for a faster, better etc… and then there is only 1 button to click: Update… pressing this button gets me back to the google account page and I'm back to square 1 !!!

  3. It doesn't work on my Samsung Note 8 !! I get to Step 8, but after rebooting, it comes back to where I was: "Google Verification Log In". Tried it 20 times & still does not work!

  4. Any one with any problems with any of the steps, what you have to do is not select the correct Android OS, instead choose the "11/12" android OS option before you begin, and follow the steps in that and the FRP will be removed easily, no need to go through the browser or anything like that :))

  5. i did all the setting you have asked but still cant install samsung browser. it downloads but doesnt install does it have to be samsung browser or can we use other browser as well

  6. So this is just an attempt to defeat frp using samsung app store. Problem with all these methods is that Google is closing out the loop holes one by one. Frp on any device patched for this exploit cannot be defeated by this method. Better stick to old devices that google does not care about to patch.

  7. This is a paid piece of Software, cant be used without a subscription. Also the Video is in accurate and fails to deal with the fact that the Browser you download, doesnt let you Skip to Settings to make the Pin code change. Failed to work on my OS10 device.

  8. ok when tried on S7 OS in 2022, after I click "view" it then has an "UPDATE" page which I can't bypass and if I click update it takes me back to the google FRB page. What sucks is that this was my phone (I am the owner) and I know the password to the google account that this phone was tied to. Any help Tenorshare? I did purchase the software

  9. Massive waste of money!! The software is useless when the link the software tells you to go to will not open. I'm waiting to hear back from them as I sent them a message to explain what was happening. It's simple the (open Settings) link on the FRP Settings page will not open the next page rendering the software useless be aware this program only works with 1 link and that link is broken don't be conned into believing this is an easy fix the only thing easy about it is how they get your money from you with a lengthy process getting it back.

  10. For me i am only able to get up until select PIN but after that it skips the part where it says "Require PIN when device is turned on" or "Do not require" it just skips to the part where it says "Keep your device unlocked while it's on you" … then i click skip and go back to the WIFI and it asks for me to put the PIN but it still asks me for the email :/

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