Simple ways to increase GPU performance for FREE – GSM FRP

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32 thoughts on “Simple ways to increase GPU performance for FREE – GSM FRP”

  1. i want to overclock but man i am scared. i got so lucky getting my hands on a sstrix 3080 white edition. id hate to break the damn thing. if anyone has some good tips please let me know im willing to try to safe zones. i have a x570 board and a 5800x xpu. on bios the overclock menu says "auto" so im unsure if i should just leave it alone tbh

  2. I have a 3080ti, in Afterburner after activating the settings you said and restarting Afterburner (because it asked to do it) I can incresase the power limit more than 100%.. Am I missing something?

  3. Not bashing the video at all but wtf, all this tinkering for single FPS improvements… is it actually worth all that? It sounds like these GPU's are already pushing max limits at stock.

  4. This video is great, but it starts in 8:30 minutes. You tube needs to stop rewarding content creators based on minutes. This is as irrational as paying industrial workers by weight of the product like it was in the USSR

  5. I’m not a new PC guy and I straight up knew everything in this video but never thought they would do much for my 3090 but fml was I wrong, gaining 5-10fps in 4K and man it really helps consistent frame rates, take his advice

  6. I'm going to try this when I get home.
    I dropped 1500 on a pc this month and got a 3060 with 32 gigs of ram, i7, etc. Games ran fucking great but then I installed GeForce experience and it's made all my games take a shit, did a fresh install of windows 10 and the problem is still there. even used DDU in safe mode
    Games that ran flawless at 60fps on ultra now run at 15 to 30 on low with major studdering and screen tear 😭 nothing has helped so far.

  7. Cut my teeth on this video. I'm binge watching ln2 now thanks. I started gaming on a TI-99 in 81, but never owned a pc until 2019. If you can believe that. Thanks Jay!

  8. things has changed since 2019, now not only links goes into youtube voids, but allmost half of vocabulary is prohibited, and when you pass the test, you have to be in the top comments or your comment will never be shown. sometimes you spend time writing theses shit. here another comment for you, youtube void xD

  9. dont know if this is free but routing all the fan intakes away from internal temperature helps. i use to make paper velocity stacks and stuck them to the fan intake for testing….didnt see much improvement way back then because i didnt have the measuring was just based on logic. then pc cover was hacked to mount air conditioner filters as a replacement for the cover…then i simply pushed overclocking on the bios until the pc kept restarting hahahaha fun days…problem with these fans is the blown positive pressure will try to find its way to low pressure areas and this is undoubtedly the fan intake…so air circulation would happen…this also means heat will circulate too so i was trying to avoid this

  10. This is brilliant advice, just changing the two settings on GeForce control panel moved my FPS on Shadow of the Tomb Raider benchmark from 63FPS to 89FPS.
    Thanks for sharing Jay.

  11. Played World of Warships because of this video, stopped because how they treat customers is a joke, as well as pricing for a digital ship that cost nothing to replicate. Great game, absolutely terrible developers.

  12. Hope this query is in the right place and someone can help me. I have a philips 325e1 curved borderless monitor. I’ve tried a million things but cannot get the picture to go to the edge of the monitor. Always 1/4” away from edge. Thanks in advance. Love your channel. Lots of laughs and the source of all my knowledge and pc apprenticeship . Steve

  13. Hi Jay, Awesome video. I have a I7 6850K CPU and a RTX STRIX NVIDIA 1070 OC GPU. What Memory Clock value would you recommend in MSI Afterburner for my setup without crashing the card? Any light you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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