SEGA Mega CD – Region free BIOS EPROM mod – GSM FRP

In this video we go demonstrate how to make the SEGA MegaCD region free by making and installing a custom BIOS EPROM. How to burn the EPROM with a GQ-4X and install into the console.

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Pre made EPROMS here –

EPROMS – M27C1024


Adapter board required


18 thoughts on “SEGA Mega CD – Region free BIOS EPROM mod – GSM FRP”

  1. Really liking these Mega/Sega CD videos. Not very many of them around, and you provide great insight. When I get around to buying one, I'll remember to come back to these videos. Cheers.

  2. Hi, can you tell me where does those gray and black cables from the connection board are soldered? I have a similar mega cd (also japanese) that has many problems, I repaired the power supply board, the tray has issues but most important, the connection board doesn't work (it has the same cables that go to the small board with the oscillator) and the main board doesn't work neither. I have a working sega cd and I've been swapping the parts to test it. If I use the sega cd connection board on the mega cd I get the boot screen with no sound or movement. Anyway, I wanted to know if those cables are in the right pins, somebody has been working on this console before me. Thanks!

  3. I did this with my Mega CD 2, only I soldered a socket on top of the factory BIOS, piggybacking on the original chip, and I use a switch to flip between the original BIOS and the region free one.

  4. Wait, so doesn't the MegaCD/SegaCD have copy protection, so like i could download and burn games without needing a modchip(apart from the region free bios that is)?

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