Repair imei number in andoird – GSM FRP

Hey fellas,

This video is to show you how to repair corrupted IMEI number in your android device ,especially for Samsung , Xperia and other devices which do not support Engineering mode

*** This method is just like a trial and error method,So this cannot give you 100 % assurance for repairing your IMEI,Still it works in most of the devices…

**** !!!!!!! After opening the Terminal emulator , just type su and press enter to get Super User access , then continue with the other steps !!!!!!! ******

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Using a fake IMEI is illegal in most of the countries , So don;t follow any methods to change your original IMEI to a new one
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Things required :

1) Terminal emulator :…

2) Rooted Android device

Main reasons to root an android device :

IMEI code txt file :

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31 thoughts on “Repair imei number in andoird – GSM FRP”

  1. hey i am using samsung galaxy s3 GT-I9300, and i am using a custom ROM in it with lollipop 5.1. my phone is not rooted and i wanna restore my imei number. could u please help me that the imei i am having on my samsung galaxy s3's box includes "/". DO i need to use them to while typing imei code in terminal emulator? Please Help!! 🙁

  2. Hi, I am owner of a GALAXY A5 (SM-500M), and I have the "not registered on network" problem. I have tried every single possible way to fix this issue but it stills showing that same error. One thing I haven't tried out is to patch the modem and kernel,,, no internet site have any patch of it yet (unless I haven't surfed),, I think developers are working on it,,,, I am seriously affected because of this "really unfair" error in my cellular phone. I am unable to use my phone as it was build for…. My hope its someone to read this article and have an answer to this issue…
    Kaiser… Regards

  3. I have rooted lenovo s860 – this is not working, as well as the other method (terminal):
    1) Here I just cannot enter Engineer mode – I have SuperSU 2.54 (Updated)
    2) The other – it says "Permission denied" although I wrote "su" like 10 times

  4. i have without sim galaxy tab 2 7.0 and no dailpad and MTK isn't working he said error about chipest system,can any one tell me how can i recover my lost iemi number??

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