Repair IMEI in Android using PC – GSM FRP

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This video show the method to repair IMEI in Mediatek Android devices using PC..

Things Required :

Rooted Android Device*** ( Your device drivers should be installed in your PC )

Android Language project tool

Installer file :

(** Download the installer file and install the tool…Then Extract the XML files to the ALP installed folder.. **)

IMEI is the unique identification for your deice…So any act of changing it or using a fake IMEI is an illegal act…So in any case don’t follow any methods to do such things….Anyway the content of this video is just to repair and you cannot change the IMEI

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39 thoughts on “Repair IMEI in Android using PC – GSM FRP”

  1. Hi Friend,

    My phone is Lenovo Vibe X2. Sim 1 IMEI is invalid after flashed that to AP Rom. Now Sim2 is working but SIM 1 IMEI is ivnalid. I have tried your method, but the phone is not supported. I also tried the method of going to engineer mode and update it, but I am getting the error as AT Message send is failed even after giving a space between AT & +. Please can anybody help?

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