RAPTOREUM CPU Mining Pool UPDATE | Windows 10 HiveOS Guide – GSM FRP

In this video I update my last Raptoreum mining guide for the new cpuminer-opt 1.2.3 as well as using our new community mining pool which is looking VERY profitable since it change to a new provider. Come join the pool and mine RTM with the Rabid Mining Community.

MINING POOL: https://raptorna.011data.com/
Pool Connect Line: stratum+tcp://raptorna.011data.com:3008
Windows Miner Download: https://github.com/WyvernTKC/cpuminer-gr-avx2/releases

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33 thoughts on “RAPTOREUM CPU Mining Pool UPDATE | Windows 10 HiveOS Guide – GSM FRP”

  1. Hi! Thanks for the videos, i saw around the internet that the hashrate of a 3900 XT should be around 3300 h/s, however even after trying all the tune with the software i wasn't unable to get more than 2900 h/s, am i doing something wrong ? ( RAM is 2x 8GB 3200 Mhz CL14 )
    Any idea why ? Thanks in advance

  2. I saw someone else ask this but didn't see an answer anywhere, but for two rigs should i be seeing the "shares this round" on the pool move up at all, mines always stayed at zero but im getting paidout about 4 times a day

  3. How do I delete my "tune" file in HiveOS so that it can be re-run? I've recently changed ram and want to retune the rig.

    Also, I don't need a separate flight sheet per rig do I? That "tune" file isn't tied to the one flight sheet thus using one tune across multiple rigs is it?

  4. Hey love the vids, super informative! I just started mining last night for about 10 hours in your pool, using ghostrider but I don't see anything happening in my wallet. I checked the worker list and my rig was in it, doing 500h/s avg. Did I not wait long enough or did I miss something? Thanks!

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