MAG 15 Update! BIOS Update! Excellent News! – GSM FRP

The MAG-15 has aged very well! Great Job Eluktronics!



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  1. Hi guys, this is Tom from XMG. We have published this update (BIOS 0114) around early June and have since accumulated a lot of positive feedback. Another minor update is due to be released later this month. If you have any questions about the firmware features in this Intel reference model, feel free to ask below! // Tom

  2. Awesome news Bob! Gonna download this BIOS on my Mag 15 asap. I switched from an Aero 15 with a 8750h and a 1070 Max Q to this with a 9750h and 1660ti and it's awesome. Complements my desktop really well. Awesome 8hr battery life when not gaming and amazing portability with the power to run most games on the go. We need a Mag 17 from them. 10870h, 2060 max-p with the same build quality and keyboard. I'd go for that.

  3. Eluktronics is hands down my favorite laptop company. I've had my P750 Dm2-G for 3 years now and it runs as if I bought it yesterday. With that being said, if anything happens to this laptop which I highly doubt, the Mag 17 is my next purchase.

  4. Hi Bob! Thank you for all your videos. I watched them thoroughly to understand better this amazing product from Intel.
    You did an amazing job, as Steve from Ownordisown did.
    Good job guys!
    I need to replace my desktop and laptop with one machine due to space limitations and I think I've found what I'm looking for.
    But I can't decide between mag-15 and max-15!
    I live in Uk and the mag-15 is sold by XMG as Fusion while the max-15 by PCspecialist in UK as Vyper III. Couldn't find the Max-15 on XMG website and the Mag on PCspecialist website.
    Can someone help me choosing my next laptop, please?
    My key point are:
    – I'd like to keep it as long as possible (4-5 years)
    – I'm a professional photographer/video maker so my daily software are PS, Premiere, Capture One, a little bit of After Effects and probably some blender as a hobby
    – it should be Rift S compatible (it needs a video output tied to dedicated GPU)
    – Games I usually play are: elite dangerous (VR), star citizen, DOOM eternal , Fallout 4 VR, No man's sky (VR)
    – a battery which last would be a nice plus for office work, if I need power I'll be connected to PSU
    – a good screen with a very good sRGB coverage
    – ability to do some overclock/downvolt
    – software to manage fan profiles, temperatures, power limits, rgb lighting
    – a grey chassis color is preferable 😁
    Probably for the product longevity and raw power the Max-15 would be a better choice due to 8 core cpu and max-p gpus (I'll buy it with the 2070).
    I'd really appreciate some opinions from some of you before pulling the trigger!
    Thank you in advance 🙂

  5. Ok Bob, I did what you said on my Mag-15, i7 9750h, 16 GB dual channel, 512 SSD, GTX 1660Ti, 144Hz LCD and my fan has gone crazy. I updated Control Center and BIOS, then in BIOS, reduced fan cycle from 30% to 25%, then enabled Intel Speed Shift, then disabled passive cooling. I noticed that I'm idling at 50ish degrees with fans always running, something that before update, was just 43-49 degrees with fans sometimes totally quiet. So I reverted the settings in BIOS back to when it was before and no change.

  6. Hey, i was wondering How do i check that Eluktroboost is working properly on the Mag 15?
    Can i run a stress test and check hwinfo if the gpu goes above 80 watts?

  7. Can you please compare it to gigabyte aero 15 2020 model or at least tell me which one is better
    I'm gonna get into college outside my country and I wanna buy a laptop for gaming and for college too
    I hope that you can help me to pick the best laptop for that

  8. Hi Bob, do you know if the BIOS for Mag 15 will work with Cyberpower Tracer III Evo since they’re the same laptop. I try looking it online can’t really find any info. Thank you!

  9. Hey Bob, ended up getting the Adata/xpg 2070 version of this laptop and the max17 10th gen. I dont know why but I like the design much better than the max 17. It's the small attention to detail i like better. I can tell this is an intel collab device. The max 17 takes 2 steps forward and 1 back when it comes to design- camera bottom lid- the 4 small lid spacers- the 4 zone rgb- the membrane keyboard. I really wish the Max 17 was an intel collab device/a mag 17 version

  10. Hi, is the BIOS of eluktronic MAG15 supported by the laptop LAPQC71B ? I wanted to flash my laptop with the eluktronic bios because of choice in MAG15 bios of deblocking Graphic card thermal limit

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