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  1. An astute Windows user will notice that Microsoft seems to alternate between high and low quality products – often a crappy imprementation of some decent ideas, then the fixed version.  Windows 2 had a lot of issues, while 3.1 was…viable.  Windows 95 was glitchy and unstable as hell, but brought the start screen, taskbar clock, and a bunch of the core capabilities of modern OSs to the table.  Windows 98 barely changed anything from 95, except that it made things stable.  Windows ME tried to make things a lot smoother and more fluid, but was unstable.  XP stabilized it.  Vista added another layer of new stuff, but was a memory hog and was clunky to configure.  Seven fixed that.

    Windows 8 bucks the trend a bit (or rather, 8.1 does – but the difference is a free upgrade, so close enough), but I find it hard to call it main PC release of Windows with a straight face.  It's Windows Mobile 2 (or whatever version number) – it's directly competing with Android and iOS, not Mac OSX(point whatever) and Linux. 

    (Please note that nowhere in the above am I making the suggestion that MS was more innovative than Apple – my family used an Apple back in the early days (pre Win95), and there were UI features that computer had that MS didn't introduce until XP.)

  2. @veilx I trust him too and mind you I was NOT disappointed…I'm sure Mac users trust Steve's bullshit and shitty OS too, mainly cos if I spent 2000 bucks on a computer, I'd be in denial and saying it's the best too…

  3. @TheFirstHeadShot i got a life and a wife, anyway living in mom's basement wold have ben great
    like they did in the 1800's when the whole family in one house or farm i wish i lived in 1867 or in 1946

  4. Win7 is very good for home work, and entertaiment, such as movies, music etc…
    I prefer Xp any way, cuz i use xp for work as random application development etc..
    Well Vista was bad creation, thats for sure…Have worked with win 2000, 98, 95, xp sp2 sp3,win server 03, 08, vista and Ultimate 7… well Mac…it seems always the same,,dunno…i dislike mac….

  5. Hahahahaha, love it we will see what happens in the comming months, I have a Mac that is amazing no problems and I also built my own PC which is a month old but do you think I'm gonna be putting Windows 7 on it erm the answer is no I will eventually when it is more secure but for now XP will do me atleast I can play Batman Arkham Asylum as if I put it on Windows 7 i'll get the not playable message……..

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