LG v60 ThinQ FRP Bypass Android 11 GSMFRP

Hi everyone I’m doing this video to prove that the LG v60 ThinQ is unbreakable
**Credit to LG mobile & Android 🙏🏾 on this one**

& One other reason I shot this video is to get the message out there if There is anyone, anyone who can crack it please do care to share.
Note:I’ve tried to downgrade the firmware for the exact same phone,it didn’t work, tried every FRP app on the net & it also didn’t work.

The method you are about to see is something i came up with i tried it and yet again hit a brick wall .
This Video is to show you what actually happens when you get to bypass the Security Lock.

Please watch video until the end


25 thoughts on “LG v60 ThinQ FRP Bypass Android 11 GSMFRP”

  1. Holy shit! After 6 hours, I discovered a new exploit myself and was able to unlock my Android 11 FRP locked v60. This guide helped tremendously but they have already patched this method, even if you downgrade, so this method doesn't work. It is still necessary to downgrade the phone with my method.

  2. thankgs bro
    I finished it like a video.
    The last problem is
    that after the factory was initialized,
    Google is still locked.
    I'm curious what I should do with this

  3. LG V50S android 11 FRP
    -downgrade not possible
    -i can go to the settings and chrome browser with some tricks but can't bypass FRP
    -install apps can be done with lg backup

    So basically im fucked. Tried to bypass for 3 days now. XD
    Any tricks ? Please help

  4. Hell I remember right before LG came out with Stylo 3 come out. LG was the single most easiest frp bypass and now I find myself still stuck on this V60 thinq 5G

  5. would you happen to know where i can get the sprint firmware for the v600tm? all i can find is the tmobile versions. it wasnt network unlocked and after flashing tmobiles firmware before unlocking, tmobile has their unlock app on it and they cant bypass it :/ . so figured id try to track down the firmware for the sprint version but so far no luck

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