LG Stylo 6 Q730 FRP Bypass/Google Account Unlock Android 10 (2020) Method #2 – Make A PUK Sim Card GSMFRP

So after I made my Stylo 5 video last week, I got this Stylo 6 in to find another bypass that works, since Android 10 on each of them is not the same. That being said, this is method #2 now for newer devices on Android 10 and if this does NOT work for you, go to my Stylo 5 method #1 video and try it below!

Video Link –

Link to get to Google for this video or even the Stylo 5 video is and thanks for watching. Please post any comments of other makes and models you get this working for using Android 10 since Android 10 is super new and this helps out our entire FRP Bypassing community.

I dont do many of these, so if you need help with more, I rely on and it’s only when I dont find what I need from him that I then go check other videos or figure it out how to myself.

Good luck to you all and much love to this community.


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