Lesson 03: Overclocking related settings in the BIOS – AMD CPU Overclocking – GSM FRP

From www.homepcbuilder.com – In this lesson we are going to cover all of the overclocking related settings in the BIOS. Then we will set all of the frequency, multiplier and voltage settings to default so we are in full control. Last we will learn how to save the BIOS settings to a profile we can reload at a later time.


27 thoughts on “Lesson 03: Overclocking related settings in the BIOS – AMD CPU Overclocking – GSM FRP”

  1. This might sound really stupid but i've never overclocked before, would this work with the fx series cpus? My mobo has the exact same interface and if the steps needed to be taken is the same, i figured i'll just do everything thats demonstrated in the video

  2. Could never stand these Award / Pheonix style BIOS. Much preferred the AMI style. The Gigabyte board I bought on AM3 never did what it said it could in regard to overclocking & neither did the Gigabyte AM1 M S2P. The latter wasn't a big deal as it served its purpose as a low TDP htpc, I could've picked up a higher clocked APU for few quid extra if I had known it was hogwash. The Phenom II x4 I have (still, in other rig) was supposed to overclock only up to 3.7GHz from 3.2 GHz but the board didn't want to know. Again not a big deal for that speed, livable but, when you've been an overclocker for years it's a pain. If you don't have MIT just hold down CTRL+ F1 on Gigabyte. Solid boards otherwise but,I had more luck upping the FSB on ASROCK skt 478 & Foxconn VIA boards back in the day & whatever chipset ASROCK was using in their AMD skt 939 boards. & that's saying something.

  3. Maybe you can help me out. I recently bought a Phenom ii X6 1045T. The processor doesn`t seem to be running at its stock speed which should be 2/70Ghz, but instead runs at 800Mhz. Why is that? i already did a test with prime95, did a test with Cinebench, also in CPU-Z it still shows the same 800mhz core speed. It`s in a ECS > A780LM-M2 (V1.0)

  4. my motherboard bios doesn't have the #'a in blue show up next to the settings like cpu clock ratio. Is that a setting that needs to be turned on in the bios or is my motherboard just too old. It's a spare pc I have that I've been upgrading and it's an AM2+. I can overclock it, but it would just be easier if the #"s showed up in the bios like at 2:38.

  5. i adjusted cpu clock, it was at 200. max is 450. i put it at 350, saved and exited. my screen went black and is staying black(monitor on standby) how can i fix it? please help

  6. Please please help I changed my cores from -2% to 2% (advanced clock calibration ) and now my pc won’t open . Also I changed the ghz multiplier to 16.5 but I don’t have a black edition of the AMD Phenom ii x3 720 and made my north bridge freq from 2ghz to 2.6 ghz

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