Lenovo tab 10 frp bypass || lenovo tab 10 google account bypass GSMFRP

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  1. My friend, you are a life saver, after all the videos i've watched on here yours was by far the best & simple to follow, i even liked the back ground music. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou…

  2. Simple WOW!!! . . . I bought this Lenovo tablet for three dollars with the screen broken, I just replace it but tablet was locked, I fallow step by step this video, wuala!!! Tablet working just good!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH 👌👌

  3. WARNING Do NOT do a lenovo factory tablet reset unless you know and have ORIGINAL access codes Eg google
    login codes.

    Otherwise after reset you will not be able to reuse tablet.

    Seems Lenovo tablet purchasers the world over have this issue.
    A simple extra warning screen explaining this in reset process by Lenovo would stop this issue.
    And warn genuine owners.

    For example If your tablet is eg several years old.
    You need eg ORIGINAL google email adress and password access code used when you set it up.
    Which you may not still have.

    Speaking from my own experience.
    Unable to retart your cleaned out tablet without original access codes makes it now expensive e waste.

  4. Nice work !!!! I unlocked my Lenovo tablet because I could not remember my Google Account. FRP Bypass is now in the icons. Can we remove it now or does it need to stay?
    Thanks again.

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