KeyBERT Keyword, KeyPhrase extraction using BERT embeddings #nlp #tutorial GSMFRP

KeyBERT:Keyword, KeyPhrase extraction using BERT embeddings In this video I give a demo of KeyBERT library. KeyBERT is a …


9 thoughts on “KeyBERT Keyword, KeyPhrase extraction using BERT embeddings #nlp #tutorial GSMFRP”

  1. ImportError: cannot import name 'keyBERT' from 'keybert' (/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/keybert/

    hii im getting error like this idk why
    please help me to find the solution

  2. Thanks Rithesh , Can this model be used to find Top 5 issue or top 5 appreciations reported by customers. Say 1000 customers have given a feedback about my product
    Also how would i interpret these prob given with differrent options

  3. Thanks for great tutorial packages.Your lecture about SpaCy transformers on Text Classification and Custom Named Entity Recognition helped me to impress interviewer and because of that right now I am officially with startup IT company.Pls be on your course and introduce us latest technology to cope up with AI domain…..

  4. Thanks for the great introduction to KeyBERT. I have a question about handling new keywords (vocabulary). For example: COVID was never seen before 2020 and is the one of the important Keyword – how would BERT based models work on OOV words.

  5. love and appreciate the hard work you put to create such a great videos…
    a kind request, if possible plz try to mention custom training as well even just a high level overview is enough at the end of video….Thank you

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