i9300 imei repair 0049 solved by Z3X – GSM FRP

i9300 imei repair 0049 solved by Z3X


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  1. Display ID: JDQ39
    System Ver: 4.2.2 REL
    API Level: 17
    Incremental: I9300XXUFME3
    Model: GT-I9300
    Brand: samsung
    Device: m0
    Platform: exynos4
    Language: en
    Rigion: GB

    Device Info
    SerialNumber: 4df701441598cfe5
    Hardware: smdk4x12
    Model: m0
    PDA Version: I9300XXUFME3
    Phone Version: I9300XXUGNA8
    Bootloader ver: I9300XXUGNB6
    Ril HW ID:REV__
    Sales Code: MIR
    Model ID: I9300
    Get Bluetooth info failed
    Get WI-FI info failed
    Network [1]: GSM IMEI: 004999010640000
    Root Access: ROOTED

    Time used : 5.4 s

    Prepare environment …
    Bypass MSL …
    Detect new security …
    Backup EFS … D:BSTbackupsamsungefsGT-I9300EFS_samsung_GT-I9300_004999010640000_2017-08-26_13.29.35.efs ok

    Update device …
    Reboot device to NORMAL mode …
    Wait device ready …
    Connect to device …
    Device Authentication …
    Writing IMEI …
    Writing IMEI certificate … ok, You need reboot device

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