HUAWEI MediaPad M5 lite (JDN2-W09) FRP/Google Lock Bypass Android/EMUI 9.0.1 WITHOUT PC GSMFRP

Hey guys! This is my new video for HUAWEI MediaPad M5 lite (JDN2-W09) FRP/Google Lock Bypass Android/EMUI 9.0.1 …


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  1. Hi Bro can you help me with my mediapad m5. I tried but when it go no to set password and when I tap it's says "unlock the device to continue ". Please bro can u help me…

  2. While i greatly admire your work and willingly share your wealth of knowledge in all things android. You have helped tremendously in the past to overcome FRP problems on a range of devices. This particular model Huawei M5 however seems to be proving a harder nut to crack open. In brief tried to bypass it using the old technique about switch then bringing YouTube up then trying to email and send a copy of quick shortcut maker I think you know the routine so i won't take up space writing in depth. However, that particular method didn't work reasons being youtube privacy policy in the drop down window is locked and inaccessible. the email option when putting in a hotmail and trying to attach and send the apk file i get "Your message wasn't delivered because the recipient's email provider rejected it." Your latest method while looked promising let me go through the procedure, and did it step by step literally following every step you made. but again got to the google account page and seems either I've mistepped something or the security protocols on the device has been updated and has bugged out any chance to get past the google lock because it goes back to the verify account page again. Shame really was really hoping to get this back to it's best after all spent a lot on getting a new screen for it. Anyone out there know of these issues, experienced them themselves and know a possible work around would be greatly appreciated.

  3. How you get Android 9.0 on Huawei MediaPad M5 lite? I check update and see don't have any new update. My current version is 8.0. How to update to android 9.0?

  4. There's a fact I find ironic.
    It's about the devices we bypass using frp_bypass.apk . You advise to use the menu_btn when the 3 top-right cornered dots don't appear. But I never get to do that with the simple menu button apk which I find much practical than the one actually use because of its weght. So I beg you to show us how yours works in one of your soon-to come tutorial.

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