HP Pavilion dv7-6135dx Switchable Graphics Fix (Bios) – GSM FRP

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This fix will work for everyone. Just follow the directions, download this file in the link below:



27 thoughts on “HP Pavilion dv7-6135dx Switchable Graphics Fix (Bios) – GSM FRP”

  1. hey i was told by a friend that you have to have something to make that actually work without your computer blowing up in your face(figure of speech). like a driver or something. someone please reply to this. and also with downloading that bios update delete anything or anything like that?

  2. Just download the bios and follow the directions in the video, the bios wont delete anything, just make sure to not disturb the bios flashing process, as doing so could result in bricking your PC


  3. Buddy please help me out, i have a HP Pavilion G6-2016 laptop , which has a HD7670M , ot able to play any games even at low settings, in AMD system monitor & GPU z the HD 7670m load is at Zero always.

  4. Its HP G6- 201ktx.
    Processor : Intel corei5 3210m.
    GPU : HD 7670m 1GB dedicated memory
    RAM : 4GB .
    HDD : 500GB
    OS : win7 64bit .
    Tried all the drivers … how do i enable the discreet GPU ? 🙁

  5. Bro thanks a lot i was going crazy with my laptop i got a dv7 with 8g of ram n it was messing up n i didnt want to get rid of it… so i did the update n switch graphics n now i can play n watch videos n since ive done that it doesnt shut off no more 5 stars for u bro thx

  6. hi, i have dv7-6160sp and i have now windows 8. but i have installed a million drivers and the option "configure switchable graphics" doesn't apper, and i dont know why. i can't play games cuz i cant use AMD. can you help me? (sorry for my english)

  7. hey , hi , i also installed win 8 and updated drivers , but win 8 said there is a problem with video driver so it automatically disabled it …… i am using default in built video driver [ intel HD 3000 ]

  8. I upgrade my laptops HP Pavilion dv7-6135dx to windows 8 pro, and is no way that I get the other video card working only the Intel is working, what I can do ?

  9. I have a G6-2017 and I've come to this realization too. No BIOS update for us and no option to switch to Fixed Mode. I'm going to call HP about this on Monday since I'm not getting any help from their website. If they don't fix this then they're seriously going to regret it.

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