HP Pavilion DV6-60xx / 61xx Series Advanced Bios Menu F1-B – GSM FRP

This is a follow-up on my previous video. This time we cover the full menu of the new F1-B [SP55068] bios which was recently released [Indeed, the hardest part was getting the bios image from HP. Logo + WhiteList + Setup Mod was easy though]


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  1. @urmas98
    From the sort of questions you've asked, It sounds like you just started thinking about it. I would recommend that you head over to the MDL forum. The comment system here on youtube is just too basic and it doesn't allow any links or "pictures".

  2. I need to recover my laptop for that i need the content of hp_tools i can create the hp_tools usb but i need the content where some has updated their bios e,g, i need hawlett packard folder and all existing folder i would be thank if someone just sent me these files as a folder to my email or any uploading file, please once again it will save me some time and can possibly donate something like 50 dollars to you via post if it works or paypal

    it has to be a sp55068 bios model intel

  3. Hey dude! I'm trying to get linux/osx to work on this laptop. Bios mod with intel hd 3000 disabling wuold solve all problems! Please re-share this bios mod, since that the current link is dead! Thanx! p.s. my hp laptop model: hp dv7 6053er

  4. But you can't disable the HD3000. It's because only the HD3000 is connected to the LVDS, VGA and HDMI output (That's right: AMD BACON has no mux). So If it is disabled you get a black screen.

    Also, I never upload any bios image. The link in this thread was just a standard HP_TOOLS recovery partition for someone who bricked his laptop and had no other way of recovering his machine because he deleted his HP_TOOLS.
    Note: if you want a mod, then we would need the RSA keys first (sorry!)

  5. Hey dude it looks great… im trying to install lion OSX as a third option. Fedora/Lion/Windows. but no LION modification installre has work… i need to try with some bios changes, but is locked as you know…

    rigth now i'm trying install this mod bios… but first need to find it from a trusted source… can you update this link… thanks bro…

  6. by the way. i have a HP Pavilion dv6t-6100 CTO Quad Edition Entertainment Notebook PC
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2820QM CPU @2.3GHz
    8GB RAM
    ATI (AMD) Radeon (TM) HD 6770M.

    by specs, it's a 100% full compatible with MAC, i did have a HP Hackintosh with Leopard in the pass, but with this new Pavilion the Bios is a crap.

    so this is why i need your help…

  7. I Need Advanced menu of this notebook (change AHCI mode and Graphics)
    Model: HP Pavilion DV6t-6b00 (Product)
    Bios Vendor: Insyde
    REV.: 3.5
    Bios Version: F.19 (DownloadLink)

    Processor: i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
    Total Memory: 6GB
    Factory Installed OS: Win7
    Product Number: ———————————-
    SYSTEM Board ID: 17F9

    Can Somebody help me to unlock advanced menu?
    Thanks a lot

  8. F1B is the latest bios for dv6-6000 series [you can download it from HP, just look for sp55068.exe]. Making a mod is not the problem, but flashing it is a major headache. Currently, the only known option is an external flasher. Another method would be support from flashrom for the embedded controller. Sadly, this probably won't happen any time soon (but this is more likely to happen than a successful calc. of HP's private rsa key). Sorry.

  9. @RR: The comment is still accessible via your feed – which is unfortunate because it looks like you are using your real name here?!

    No, this isn't a HP supported BIOS and no, I don't think it's covered by their warranty if it goes wrong. That said, HP silently replaced laptops which went
    wrong after a bad flash… however they've "updated" the bios auth check
    in all laptops of the new 6bxx/6cxx/7xxx+ series, so starting with F12 you
    can't flash any unauthorized DxE BIOS images anymore at all.

  10. Hello,

    thanks to HP, there's no "easy solution" anymore. For older laptops, you could get away with changing a specific S to a C (for the record, that's only a single-bit change!). But this isn't possible anymore. So, I would recommend: Don't buy HP, if you want the HW to be acutally yours.

  11. Oh, this is a misunderstanding. You CAN flash a custom bios that does not semibrick, as long as you don't use HP's flasher tools. I desoldered the bios chip and used an external flasher to put my very own rsa-keys into the protected area. You can do the same. However the sad truth is that unless it is part of your daily job, you'll probably break something :-/. [If you are so **** off by HP that you are willing to forget about the 750€/$1024, then donate the laptop to the flashrom . org people]

  12. Been down this road before and do you know what happend? People complained when they broke their laptops (blamed it on everything but themselves… Yeah right!)… Of course, the vendor also refused to replace
    it too [so at least, they couldn't wreck it again]. Seriously, if you have to ask how to do it (it's all standard stuff) then "you are not ready". I suggest you send this piece of **** back from where it came and get something better.

  13. Friend? Lovely? Look if you are full of HATE… At least admit it! Anyway, the Intel HD drives the VGA, HDMI and LVDS (That's where the internal LCD TFT is connected to) port and there's no switch/mux to change that. So, if you disable the intel gfx, you get a black screen. Don't belive me? Take a look here, then go to anandtech and look for an Article named "AMD’s Enduro Switchable Graphics Levels Up". (Note: The DV6-6xxx series has PowerXpress 4.0). Bye!

  14. Wait: I think "AMD PowerXpress 4.0 & Interview with AMD's Asif Rehman" on rage3d.com is a even better article. "The third version is cross display: no muxers, using displays connected to the integrated GPU and nothing connected to discrete GPU." "Muxless: The Muxless Switchable graphics technology uses CrossDisplay technology meaning that all the displays are connected to iGPU only and dGPU will render the 3D graphics when needed."

  15. I mate, how can I contact you to know more about this bios? I have a DV6-6060ep with the F.1B. And I really want to go to linyx, but the hybrid graphics are a pain. This would be like a miracle to me. Waiting som answer of yours


  16. I'm not quite sure what you want? Even with a modded bios, you cannot make the discrete GPU the default option. This is because, the VGA/LVDS(Laptop screen) and HDMI-Outputs are only connected to the HD 3000 (there's no hardware mux/switch => muxless). If you want to read more about it, look for a artice named: "AMD PowerXpress 4.0 & Interview with AMD's Asif Rehman" on rage3d.com. Regards.

  17. could you please be kind enough to tell us how to get this advanced tab, i need it dearly to change my hardrive to ACHI and dont dare say its stock set to it because its stock set as RAID

  18. RAID is the default setting? This doesn't sound like the DV6-60xx Series Laptops I know. Anyway, HP doesn't want customers to "play" with the settings in the advanced tab (grrr!). But you might be able to change it. You see: modern bioses save the settings in the efi storage. This storage is accessible by the OS. So, provided you know the exact location, you can change it pretty easily => google for "[HOWTO] access you BIOS settings through EFI shell"

  19. PLEASE HELP!!!, I would like to ask you, Or anybody that could give me any advice. I have a (Pavillion DV6-6175LA) it has (AMD A-Series A8-3500M (1500 MHz – 2400 MHz) and 8GB DDR3 (1333 MHz). THE VIDEO CARDS, are the BIG ISSUE. it Has Switchable Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6620G (Integrated), and Also AMD Radeon HD 6750M (1GB). THEY BLOW.. or At least, their Drivers. PC Was working fine with Original Software. I DECIDED, to give it a shot to Windows 10. And my Video Cards are GONE…. They never worked properly, Tried all kinds of Drivers on Win10, None Worked, Alwas Slow, Uggly video, no HDMI or VGA, All was GONE… So I went back to the Windows 7. Installed all Drivers on HP page, Surprise… NOTHING WORKED.. Again, no Video Card, Used all the Drivers possible that you could Find, even the Oldest from 2011. Nothing…. To make note, Before the PC was fine, Now its kind of Useless. When I pop a Linux CD, like Backtrack, Live, Works everything, I can connect it to my TV and all is fine. So, Both Cards Work, Its a matter of F*cking windows drivers, ANYBODY Knows why???, Also, With the Oldest drivers, Sometimes Boots OK, with video card, work all day, I have to reboot, the pc has a little heat or something, but After use or reboot, nothing Works…. I UPDATED. Bios and everything to last version. Also tried Old Drivers….. IM ABOUT TO GIVE UP… Any Help? Thank you very much… I tried all Now…. 🙁

  20. Hello would like to unlock the advanced options of my bios

    HP Pavilion dv7-6143cl Notebook

    InsydeH2O rev 3.5

    BIOS Version / Date Hewlett-Packard F.1B, 10/05/2011

  21. Hello guys! i have pavilion dv6 6130 sr and i have 4 gb ram 1333 and wants to use 8 1600 mhz and card 6750m anв 6520g and i waana use ssd -so need i new bios for it? i would send to video more ram if i install 8 gb is it possible with it bois upgrading?

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