How to Update your HP Pavilion Bios On A TG TE TP ME M0 For Faster Memory Speeds OR General Problems – GSM FRP

This video will take you from start to finish on setting up the Bios. In this Video we do step by step to updating the Bios on your HP Pavilion. Any model of HP will work, it is the same Idea.



23 thoughts on “How to Update your HP Pavilion Bios On A TG TE TP ME M0 For Faster Memory Speeds OR General Problems – GSM FRP”

  1. Technitwit can you help me with my tg01 I’ve got the Erica mobo and 16gb ram ryzen 5 3500 and 1tb m.2 ssd with 28 percent left, why is my cod Cold War and other games freezing and lagging????

  2. I believe to solve the RAM speed issue you will need to get the normal green ram with no fancy heatsink. Those ram are built to run the rated speed at 1.2V. The fancy rams with heatsink requires 1.35v to run the rated speed. This is the reason that the ram speed gets downclocked.

    Before, I was using the provided samsung 8gb ddr4 3200mhz ram and PNY XLR8 8gb ddr4 3200mhz ram. My HP TG01 read the ram speed to be 16gb 2133mhz as it will only run the PNY ram at 1.2V only

    After switching the PNY ram to a micron 8gb ddr4 3200mhz, im able to get 16gb 3200mhz speed. Just double check if the ram that you are buying only requires 1.2V to run. Normally these are the green ram without fancy heatsink

  3. The HP Support Assistant software does the same. I did it like this and when I restarted my computer for the second time, I left my finger on the Escape key, then I enter the BIOS, how do I adjust the Resizable BAR function in the PCIe setting? Furthermore, the HP graphics card driver is so old that there is always a LOD error in 3DMARK. Furthermore, the Resizable BAR function cannot be activated on the NVidia RTX3060TI. Maybe HP will listen to you, we need a new BIOS driver and a new graphics card driver for the HP nVidia RTX 3xxx series. When the PCIe standard was introduced, AMD and HP wanted the Resizable BAR in the standard and now HP is the only company that cannot do the Resizable BAR.

  4. Today i have upgrade BIOS but but after restarting my computer did not turn on. I had to put the BIOS in the factory settings. then I tried again and it went like in your video

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