How to Update BIOS on MSI 990FXA-GD80 to 13.2 – GSM FRP

In about 10 min. I show you how to update the BIOS on your MSI 990FXA-GD80 motherboard, with details for version 13.2 using a USB stick. With my music! Please enjoy!! Also, please read over the following I’ve written here:

Something to read over, about bios flashing:

AMD Memory Guide reference:

Important Note: In my video I suggested halfway through, that one of the first things to do would be to save your settings to a flash drive so you can load them into the BIOS later, after you update your BIOS. Please do so with caution, as one time I think I had a BIOS problem due to loading the saved settings from an old BIOS into the new BIOS after updating it to one of the 13.x versions, but not resetting to defaults and saving & exiting & rebooting first. I think there might be a conflict between the old settings and the new BIOS trying to read those settings. I don’t think it’s a problem with the 13.5 BIOS because the system tells you that basically you can’t load the old settings in when you go to do that.

I strongly recommend either taking pictures of your BIOS settings or copying them down so you have them for future reference regardless of which BIOS version you are upgrading to.

For more info, please check the 1st couple minutes of my 13.5 video:

I had to RMA my previous board (NON-v2). So I’m posting a suggestion for those about to update their BIOS. I updated my bios while using phenom II x4 970 deneb CPU, from v11.11 to 11.13 in anticipation of upgrading to my new CPU, the AMD FX-8320 vishera. Bios was flashed successfully; and was able to enter the bios and load previous setting profile. Then after I rebooted, after that the mainboard always hangs at POST debug code “99” and no boot. After I contacted MSI, I still wasn’t sure what really caused this problem. I’m using a new v2-marked board now. The only difference, like people have been saying, is in the BIOS revision that shipped with the new boards.

My suggestion though, for BIOSes up to 11.13, is to be sure you’re flashing the recommended way, i.e., from a properly-created usb drive, on default settings, FULLY-supported cpu (according to the cpu-support list on MSI website) and no overclocked settings in place, etc. THEN, if you get the message that the flash was successful and you’re done, (on BIOS 11.13 you should be back to the C: prompt, then shut off the PC, remove your flash drive, and then power-on and immediately go back into the BIOS by pressing DEL.

====Here’s the important part of my suggestion==== IF you manage to get into your BIOS screen, then I highly recommend that you MANUALLY set your settings the way you like, NO overclocking yet, until you can confirm that you can REBOOT your computer! Just set the necessary things like AHCI mode for your SSD/HDD, boot order, RAM speed, etc. but whatever you do don’t load a previous settings profile from your usb drive. This is where I think my board got confused with some new settings in the new BIOS and some older settings from the profile that maybe didn’t match the new BIOS! Like voltages, timings, or other settings.

Thanks, and safe flashing!


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  1. Although the general procedure is probably very similar, there might be some specifics you need to follow; especially, your bios is going to be different: you need to get the correct/desired BIOS version from your mobo's website and yes, be careful as you could break your board if you do something wrong. Otherwise, please have a look at my other video on how to make a bootable USB drive for flashing your BIOS. The example I show in that video is probably what you want to do.

  2. I don't know, but I updated to 13.2 while running Win8, then later reinstalled Win7 (clean install). So I know you can go back to Win7. Let me check if you can update the bios from the flash drive while in Win7 because I'm curious, and I will post back here. Please check back in a day or so, thanks.

  3. Hi, to answer your question,: YES! I just updated from 13.2 to 13.4 from a fat32-formatted 4GB flash drive in Win7. Even if you are still on 11.xx BIOS, you should be able to jump straight to the latest BIOS.

    Just do it correctly: unplug any other usb devices EXCEPT your keyboard and mouse and the USB drive you're flashing with. Best if you format it using defaults, (fat32), & quick format. Then, extract the BIOS exe from the zip, (e.g., E7640VD4.exe), put it on USB, and run it from there

  4. Be sure you plug your flash drive into a rear, dedicated, USB2.0-only port. After you click on the .exe you should see a couple other files it creates on your flash drive. Ignore them, then a window pops up confirming to flash. Do it, and leave the USB plugged in until it's done and says, "Remove disks or other media, press any key to restart." …That's when you unplug the USB and press a key. Let it try to load Windows, BSOD, then shut off for a few sec. then power up & go into BIOS! thx

  5. Is there a recovery bios tool? my pc crashed in the middle of it and now it wont restart.
    I tried to extract the current bios for my board on another pc but it wont execute the files. is there a exe extracting utility anywhere.. I need the .bin file for D40

  6. Hi, alexn, Do you get power-on, and an led debug code? I don't know if this works, but try the link I just added above, in my description.

    Scroll to the bottom and check out gamer35's suggestion, it looks like it might work in your situation.

  7. Hi, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and wanted to update my Bios to latest version, but there is message on MSI page "MSI recommend you to update BIOS only if you are using Windows8." Did you have any issues running latest version on Windows 7?
    Thank you!

  8. Hi, yes you can update to BIOS 13.x, from within Windows 7. I've done it to version 13.4 successfully, and the board is still as stable as ever. I haven't noticed much change. I'm still running an FX-8320 @ 4.3GHz. I was able to clean install Windows 7 on BIOS 13.2 also, so no issues whatsoever with ver. 13.x. Just read below, my extra suggestion to Mr. Goblin for more details. You should update on a stable running system; always good to reset to non-o/c, default setting before you update.

  9. hi bro i have just bought today another 2 gb ram DDR3 1333 mhz and already have 4 gb ram ddr3 1600mhz so i installed the other 2 gb ram and my usable gb only says 3.95 gb of 6.00 gb and am running on windows 7 64-bit system so am trying running call of duty: ghosts and not running it says "your system memory (RAM) does not meet the minimum specification to run cod: ghosts

  10. Another tip for those watching is that apparently on motherboards such as this that have 4 slots, the AMD memory contoller's available max speed is limited when all 4 DIMM slots are populated with dual-rank RAM.  It's better in most cases with only 2 DIMMs installed, or with single-rank RAM, and with an FX processor.  Please refer to the AMD support link above in my description.

  11. Hello Guys, hope you could help me.
    Today I got a message to update the bios of my motherboard, I did it right away, i following the instructions that appear on the website, I downloaded the latest version  BIOS 13.5 and i saved it to a USB, then i run it and the bios update pass smoothly, then the system restarted and that moment i could never get the system boot, stayed stuck on a black screen unanswered. I tried to change the ram slot to another place, reset the bios tried to clear bios by CMOS jumper, also i removed the battery and nothing at the moment tried everything. The information debug led show me FF code, just turning on the machine and appears FF code not any other code appears only FF and gets stuck there and does not give me image.
    I think the bios get locked when i tried to update the version, need urgent help i am unable to use the computer.
    Thank you very much.

  12. Hello Davol please help me
    I've the MSI X79A gd65 8D and i have the 1.A0 Bios vesion i tried to update to the 4.3.
    after update when i go to the bios, tweak and try to save and exit, the screan freezes and don't response.
    please help me because i whant to place my new proc 4930k and it's only compatible with the 7760v43 vesion (4.3).

  13. Hi, my USB keyboard not working on this motherboard, tried to update BIOS on newer version, same problem. I have to use my old PS2 keyboard whenever I want to enter BIOS. Anyone with solution? Thanks

  14. I'm kinda confused about the Windows 8 feature and all the other stuff you enable. Do you need to do it, or are you just showcasing the new BIOS? Please respond. Thanks. 

  15. If you have the MSi 970A-G46 series, go on the website, and follow the steps for launching the application in the formatted flash drive. Then just wait, and your computer should restart and your BIOS should be updated, easy as that.

  16. Lates version for this motherboard is 13.5 I which is recommended for Win 8. Since I just had Win 7 I never updated to that bios but I just recently purchased Win 10 and called Msi support the rep I spoke to said the lates bios has limited support for Win 8 and only audio and Lan drivers were available. Interesting enough he said he see's no Win 10 support for this motherboard. Anyone here upgrade yet? Once I install Win 10 I will post any issues.

  17. Hi!
    I'm currently trying to update BIOS to 13.2 from 11.2 version, but I'm having problems after I start the updater it goes everything as on your video till 5:45. Then I restart the system and go to BIOS but the version is still 11.2

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