How to update ANY PC to Windows 11 – Bypass CPU + Legacy BIOS + RAM + Secure Boot + TPM checks! – GSM FRP

Hi there Pros! As you may know, the news that Windows 11 is incompatible with everything has been bigger than the release of Windows 11 itself.
Today I’ll show you how to update your current Windows to Windows 11. What makes this video “special” is that I will show you how to update to it on ANY device. Yes! We will bypass all the requirements, such as Legacy BIOS, lack of Secure Boot, TPM 1.2 or none, 4GB or less RAM etc.
The only spec that can’t be bypassed is having an x86 (32-bit) CPU.

โ€ข If you want to do a fresh install of Windows 11 โžœ

๐Ÿ”— Links:
โ€ข Windows 11 ISO โžœ
โ€ข Windows 11 Insider ISO โžœ

๐Ÿง Steps:
1. Download the MediaCreationTool.bat (by clicking on “Code” and then “Download ZIP”)
2. Right click on the downloaded file.
3. Click on “Extract All…” and Extract.
4. A folder will appear. Open the folder and then the subfolder inside it.
โ€ข If you want to install a different build than the stable one (such as an Insider build):
I. Download the ISO.
II. Extract the ISO with an extraction software, such as 7-Zip. A folder will appear.
III. Copy the “auto” file inside the MCT folder.
IV. Paste it to the extracted folder.
V. Launch the “auto” file and wait for Windows to be installed.
5. Launch MediaCreationTool.bat.
6. Click on the bottommost option or your preferred version. “11” stands for Windows 11.
7. Click on “Create ISO”.
8. Locate where the ISO was downloaded. It should be where the MediaCreationTool is or at “C:ESD”.
9. Right click on the ISO and click on Mount (or you can extract it).
10. Go to the location the ISO was Mounted/Extracted.
11. Launch “auto”.
12. Wait for the update process to finish.
โ€ข If the installation is stuck at 31%, uninstall any Conexant Audio drivers.
โ€ข If it seems stuck at any %, just wait because it’s normal.
13. Congratulations! You have installed Windows 11!
14. Update Windows to install drivers. You may follow this process every time you update.
15. Activate Windows and Office by buying them or

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โŒ› Chapters:
00:00-01:06 Intro
01:07-01:31 Downloading and setting up the Media Creation Tool
01:32-01:53 Choosing between Stable and Insider builds
01:54-02:17 Downloading Windows 11
02:18-02:45 Mounting/Opening the ISO
02:46-03:31 Updating to Windows 11
03:32-03:38 What to do if installation is stuck
03:39-04:08 Updating to Windows 11
04:09-04:20 How to install drivers
04:21-04:49 Outro

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4 thoughts on “How to update ANY PC to Windows 11 – Bypass CPU + Legacy BIOS + RAM + Secure Boot + TPM checks! – GSM FRP”

  1. ๐Ÿ‘ Awesome video!! Very easy to follow, most well done I've ever seen. I've been on Insider program for a long time and my main laptop which passes all requirements by far other than the 7th gen i7, but it is on Windows 11 DEV, but I used this tutorial to update my mom's old desktop that has legacy bios, no TPM, etc. etc. Doesn't pass requirements by a long shot, although it has a fairly powerful i7 which is only 2nd gen, and does have 16 gigs of RAM. Now her laptop runs awesome and she didn't lose anything. Thanx!!

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