How to set your memory speed and XMP Profile – Memory Overclocking Basics – GSM FRP


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How to set your memory speed and XMP Profile – Memory Overclocking Basics | JayzTwoCents



48 thoughts on “How to set your memory speed and XMP Profile – Memory Overclocking Basics – GSM FRP”

  1. Came here without looking at the upload date. Sudden realization:jay looks like an absolute edgleord and not like a dad like im used too.
    Also me: checks if its rly jay.

  2. Watching this in 2021 after wondering why my 3200 MHz ram boots at 2666 instead. I wonder how many DIMMs get returned just because of lack of knowledge of memory controllers.

  3. What if you got faster ram then your motherboard supports and it dropped the speeds to 1,066mhz. But my motherboard supports 2666mhz and my ram speed is 3200mhz. Will xmp automatically set it to 2666mhz or go past what the motherboards specs are.

  4. Every processor has its maximum theoretical memory bandwidth. For example yours has 50 GBit/s. Then if you have dual channel memory, let's calculate. 50/8=6.25GBytes/s. 6.25/2=3.125=3125 Mbytes/s. If your processors bandwith is 50, you can use 3125 memory in dual channel mode. Or 2100 memory in tripple channle mode. Everything depends on your processor. Dont initiate XMP in BIOS before calculating what I wrote above. Your system will not be stable otherwise.

  5. Hey Jay! 2021, I'm seeing this. Asus Z590e, i9 11900k, Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz, but no luck. Tried XMP I, and XMP II, The system gets quite unstable… Suggestions? (I have 4 x 8GB)

  6. i know it an old video but is there a reason why my ryzen 3900x wouldnt let me use XMP profiles if i do the cpu stop getting detected and i have the clear CMOS and wait a bit and restart with default settings

  7. So u just suppose to add as much hz til you find it running good, what if u do one thatdoesnt support cause mine a maximum of 5000 hz and i have 3600 GTX so what should mine be

  8. Havnt seen a old vid of Jay for awhile, he looks so happy. These days he looks like he is thinking about flipping the table but holding it in. in another 5 years that table will be getting flipped lol

  9. I was trouble shooting a new MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Edge Mother Board; and I have 4X sticks of DDRR 3600; but it will only post with 3X sticks installed; when I add them one stick at a time as stated in the manual; if I install the last stick, it will not post; I turned on xmp profile one, and it shows the correct information; but I am stuck if anyone has any suggestions .. Please advise .. Thx.

  10. My cpu says it can take up to 3200Mhz, my motherboard up to 4133Mhz. If I enable the XMP profile, in what speed will it automatically change from 2133Mhz to? Also, if I don't want to go 3200Mhz, to make it run at 3000Mhz for example, do I only have to set the speed manually or I need to change the voltage as well?
    One final question. I don't know what my ram's advertised speeds are. How can I find out other than looking at the case?

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