How to repair imei A500F – GSM FRP

in this video i will show you how to repair imei for A500F with BST Dongle

Please note, that “Repair IMEI” function is for restoring of original phone’s IMEI only (in most
cases IMEI number is written on sticker under phone’s battery). “Write Cert” and “Write EFS”
functions are intended for software repair and imply, that original device’s backup files only will
be restored. This functions also can lead to IMEI change, if not own device’s data is using for
In some countries operations with IMEI are prohibited by law, so if operations with phone IMEI
are illegal in your country you may not use this functionality. Thats why, by accepting this
agreement, you agree to use this feature lawfully and in full compliance with local laws. You agree
not to use this functionality for any illegal purposes.
Plz note in this video i am restoring original imei…………
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