How To Enter BIOS Setup & Boot Menu On Lenovo Laptop & How to Format/Install Windows 8|10 – GSM FRP

How to Enter BIOS Setup from Windows 10 System
How to enter Setup Utility (F1) or Boot Menu (F12) on a Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 preloaded PC
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44 thoughts on “How To Enter BIOS Setup & Boot Menu On Lenovo Laptop & How to Format/Install Windows 8|10 – GSM FRP”

  1. This piece of laptop is shit and which i am using currently…
    it gives out problem again and again..
    it so many problem regarding its dolby digital system also..
    can u help me witth that???????

  2. My computer have warranty but I can find the phone number of the factory so I can send it back because is not working. when you turn in on the only think that you can see is the Lenovo Logo and that's it … Please can you help me? I have it for 6 month but this is the first time that I open the box last night … I try everything but nothing work. The model is Lenovo Ideapad 100-151BD
    Model Name: 80QQ Notebook IP 100-151BD 13 8G 500 HD
    CPU: Intel 13-5020U 2.2G
    RAM: 8G
    HDD: 550G
    LAN: 10M/100M
    Display 15.6 HD LED
    Battery: 4 Cell
    OS: Window10 Home

  3. I am certain my 8.1 is haunted. I took every step I could to enable the uefi but when I go to what should be the BIOS, it redirects me to another windows function that doesn't let me enable the thing. I can't at all get my BIOS to show up. I'm trying so hard to get rid of it. If none of these are working, should I go see an exorcist or declare war on Microsoft?

  4. It's not worked for my G500 it's still stuck on the Lenovo screen… doing my TITS IN DUDE…. nothing is working it's had a brand new 1 terabyte hard drive a year ago put in… I just don't understand

  5. Can you help me, I have this problem and it won’t let me into the bios. It will register the key at the Lenovo menu, but won’t go into bios.

  6. I still cannot believe that some morons from lenovo made bios startup button to be HEADPHONES logo button ? ??"?!!!!?!!?! I mean really???? WTF !!?!!? 😉

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