How to Edit Videos on Windows 10 Using Davinci Resolve – GSM FRP

This video will show you how to edit videos on windows 10 for free using Davinci Resolve. In the video, I go through basic steps for installing Davinci Resolve, importing videos, editing them, and then outputting to a new file.

First, you can download the software from:

Next, extract it by right clicking on the downloaded zip, and hitting choosing extract all. Then in the extracted folder, double click the executable and install with all the defaults.

After this, open Resolve. It will first ask what project you want to work on. Just hit create at the bottom, give it any name you want, then double click on the created project to start working on it.

First, you will need to import the video files you want to work on. Just navigate to the folder holding the videos from the file tree in the top left, and when you click on the folder containing the videos, they will pop up in the top beside the viewing window. Right click on the ones you want to edit, and choose add to media pool.

Next, click the edit tab at the bottom. Here you can drag the videos onto the timeline at the bottom, in the order you want, and linking them together so there are no gaps between the clips. You could now just output the video if you wanted and all of the clips would be made into one file. In the video I show editing together a .MOV file and a .MP4.

WHen you are finished editing, go to the deliver tab at the bottom, and change the settings on the left to match what you want the output file to be. (Set quality, output resolution, and file name)

When done, hit add to render queue at the bottom, and then hit start render on the right.

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