How to dual boot windows 10 and ubuntu – GSM FRP

In this tutorial, I’ll show you How to install ubuntu alongside windows 10
or dual boot Linux Ubuntu
or dual boot ubuntu

Dual boot means having two operating systems on the same pc. You can select your Installed os at the starting of your computer. You can Use both ubuntu and windows using your full pc hardware config.
can Ubuntu and windows can be run on the same computer?? yes, it’s possible…

if you are in older versions of windows or want to install an older version of Ubuntu you can also follow this tutorial because the procedure is the same for all versions of Windows and Linux
so I can say this is a tutorial of dual boot Windows 7/8/10 and Ubuntu 18.0416.04/14.04/12.10 etc
or Ubuntu 18.04 to Dual Boot with Windows 10

Ubuntu 18.04 or Ubuntu 19.04:
power Iso:


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