How to Bypass Google frp in Samsung without PC – GSM FRP

In this video i am using galaxy J Max to bypass google frp.
Google frp ( Factory reset protection )
New way which will work for all samsung device…
By luck this can also work with other models

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Things to download
Google Account Manager 5.1 for lolipop

Google account manager 6.0 for Marshmallow


if this method is not working you can try these..
Google frp bypass / Remove Google verification:

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39 thoughts on “How to Bypass Google frp in Samsung without PC – GSM FRP”

  1. hello my friend
    your videos are helping me a lot. thank you very much. please let me to know how to fix the Network block on Samsung galaxy s4/i9500. i was using Samsung and about 1 month i never get the network.

  2. so I still need another device to copy the files to the SD card. I need a way to bypass frp solely using the locked device. I have no pc and my phone that I already have doesn't have sd card slot so this is useless to me.

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