how to bypass google account lock on lg phone GSMFRP

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32 thoughts on “how to bypass google account lock on lg phone GSMFRP”

  1. 🔝🔝🔝I was really passing through alot since my business account got disable, I almost give up Untill I meet the above name I'm pointing at, on Instagram he was able to recover back my account without taking much from me, I really appreciate you guys, you can contact them too

  2. It work if you don't see the asit you need to refactur the phone first by olding the power and volume down release power wen you see lg logos then push power again 😉and if you can't disable google services (invisible and can't clik) you need to go on your seting and tur of the google play then to like the video tanks again to this guys

  3. When i hold my name ,, there is no option to choose ''assist '' .. .. only 'select all ' .. any suggestions? i am going out of my mind with this.. tried many other walkthroughs and they all lead to a dead end! .. i have LG Q70 phone

  4. PLZZZ help!! i Have LG G Stylo but the Android version is Old + The Keyboard does not have Share + Talkback Does not Help + The Assistant Home Function to hold down to get to Google Doesnt Work!! + There is No Feedback section in the Talback Google Text to Speech Engine Settings!! HELP PLZ!!

  5. Mine doesn't have the feedback option. This happened to me a few years back and I ended up giving up on it and it was a really nice phone. This one looks as cheap as it can get without being a toy phone

  6. I had done this factory reset to make my internet go faster. I don't know why it is acting like dial up. We have a good wifi connection. On my pc it works great. The reset got rid of my other apps, which is fine. I couldn't even uninstall those before when I couldn't access the play store for any app search. It's been a few min and it still says downloading.

  7. Thanks for this. Really helpful. I just bought a second hand korean version of lg g4 and i cant completely setup my google account. Thankfully I saw this video and finally I was able to bypass the security.

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