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Hello guys this is Hafiz with you again with another technical video.. and this video is about how to break or bypass BIOS password.. I was trying to fix this laptop, but when i try to enter and change setting in BIOS i found the bios is password protected. So in this short video i am going to share the solution i found to bypass your laptop or PC bios password using master password.. this method works with different bios types… you can see the supported BIOS types list here on screen. if your laptop having similar bios showing in list so this solutions is for you 🙂

so now lets start the action.. first i enter my dell laptop bios with f2 key, bios enter key can be different depending on bios model. so once you i enter in by laptop bios so i click on unlock button showing at bottom.. now here at password box you will see the serial no. just note this serial number… now here i have an other laptop where i open website

now in here on this website enter the code you noted and click on get password.. This website will generated some codes. I will use second code which is showing “from serial number” as we entered the serial number. I will go back to my other laptop and enter this code to unlock the bios..

Now here, after you enter the code generated by website.. you need to press ctr plus enter key instead of just pressing enter key..

There we go.! can see i am able to enter the BIOS using this master code..

I hope this video will help you guys as well if you are stuck on BIOS password.. thanks for watching this video.. please do not forget to like this video and subscribe my channel for more technical videos like this thanks

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