How To BIOS Reset Lenovo Computer / Replace CMOS Battery – Computer Wont Turn On Fix #2 – GSM FRP

Learn how to perform a BIOS Reset on your Lenovo laptop. This video is also helpful if your replacing your CMOS battery. If you are here because your computer wont turn on, try the following video first; Then come back here if those tests do not identify the issue.
If this video does not help your computer to start, then next steps would be to test your Power Adapter as seen here; and then your Power Jack if the Adapter tests healthy as seen here;

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Q: Does this procedure reset your BIOS password?
A: Unfortunately, I dont give advise on bypassing BIOS passwords on this channel.


35 thoughts on “How To BIOS Reset Lenovo Computer / Replace CMOS Battery – Computer Wont Turn On Fix #2 – GSM FRP”

  1. Omyghod!!! Thank you so much for this!! Im literally crying, my laptop is working after I did this!! I've been trying to fix for a year now and this is the only video that worked!!! Thank you!!!

  2. What should I do if I'm stuck in the phoenix securecore tiano setup I try fixing the date and stuff and saving and exiting but it just brings me straight back to the setup screen how can I stop this and be able to use my laptop

  3. Hi, my laptop had oil spillage on back but it does turn on. I wiped off the oil and reseated ram. now when I press power button it turns on with display ON showing Lenovo and turns off about 33 secs later and repeats the same until I pull the power chord. It restarts itself for every 33 seconds until I pull the power chord or force shut down by pressing power button.

    Can you please tell me what is the issue ?

  4. Dead its sure dead anything will be dead Microsoft looking for money to do some damage or buy new one why i have to open labtop and do some shit because i am only do update for drive bios fff

  5. I have a Lenovo ideapad s340 15api

    I bought this used and it wouldn’t turn on without it being plugged into AC adapter. So I purchased a new battery and replaced it. I noticed the battery that was previously installed was the wrong model and figured that would be the issue.

    Now with the new correct model battery connected it still will not take a charge. It won’t even appear as “charging”. But When I disconnect the battery and plug in the AC power it will then show up as “charging” but with no battery connected.

    It will not let me update the bios driver without both a battery connection and it being plugged into a AC power supply. Any advice will help please and thank you !

  6. The battery is the same, but fallen of from that piece of metal, i unplugged it, but the baterry still needs to be atached tu that piece of metal, or i can just plugged and that's, i ask this because i'm sure that's the problem and my laptop won't turn on

  7. hello good day sir can i ask how to reset the bios in lenovo g50-30 non removable cmos battery
    after its bios update the laptop showing no display when its reset you can only see the flash in the camera and hearing the HDD running

  8. Thanks so much, saved me so much hassle taking mine in to a shop. Will ensure it gets shut off properly before storage from now on.
    If problem comes back/persists is there another diagnosis?

  9. Can u plzz help me with my laptop??
    Its screen broke and i can only see some part of it.
    When i try to on the laptop it starts but after some time it shows checking.
    It does it for hours.
    Plzzzz help

  10. if the bios is not keeping time why don't you just put a new battery in? Why would disconnecting and connecting the battery work.

  11. Hi, I tried this but my computer keeps restarting, it restarts even when I open bios. It goes to bios for a few secs then it restarts no matter what I do even if I do nothing.

  12. Hi PC Monkey, I see you are very good at repairing computers.

    I have a lenovo ideapad slim 3 ryzen 5 4500u but it's having problems. CPU speed stuck at 0.38Ghz.

    I've updated windows, diagnosed physical hardware, updated bios, reset PC, reinstalled windows, but it's still stuck at 0.38Ghz.

    do you have a solution?
    thank you

  13. Hi, my Lenovo IdeaPad 110 is not charging when the laptop is on. It only charge when its off but sometimes it only charge up to 90%. Any recommendation? Thanks

  14. Hi anyone please help my Lenovo 130 laptop was stuck in bios update for almost one hour and I removed the battery to save the motherboard from burning and afterwards when I tried to turn it on(press and hold power key for 3 seconds number lock key turns on and then turns off, if anyone has the solution please share it would really help me, thanks…

  15. I have a question please, if that CMOS battery with cable and stickers wrapped on it, if you unplugged it, would it still have any electric contact to the motherboard? As long as it is still placed on the mother board? I need to make sure not to have any power activity running on. Thank you.

  16. Thanks so much, worked a treat after trying all steps from your 1st video, my question is why does this happen? 2nd time in 2 weeks, its an old thinkpad E440, last time repeatedly keeping the power button down, it finally booted, this time, nada till I unplugged the CMOS battery that thankfully, was under a panel on the underside and I didn't have to go through all you did on this video. But why is it going into this shut down non boot mode? Red light stays on, but just blinks 3 times. Is the motherboard about to go? or is the power switch on its way out? Thanks in advance.

  17. Okay, I'm not sure if this video will work for me, and it seems like a long proscess, so im going to explain my problem and please tell me if this will work for me. So my problem is that when I was updating my BIOS (I didn't know BIOS was an important part of the computer at the time) it was taking a while, so I just shut my computer, and now it's not turning on.

  18. Hello
    I have samsung laptop model number NP300E5V. I enabled secure boot and tweaked other setting but by mistake I am no longer able to access the bios.
    I removed the CMOS battery for a while maybe 10 min with no results. ANY HELP

  19. Hello, How are you doing today! hopefully you are great. I need your help, I have Samsung model number np300e5v:
    by my mistake I tweaked so of the bios settings, I activated secure boot and changed the boost option from legacy to UEFI then I only have a black screen.
    I removed the ram dims … nothing
    I removed the bios battery … nothing happen
    I removed the bios battery and shortened the connection between the battery … nothing happens
    the only thing I get is when I press the power button it powers up after let say 10 seconds then the fan spin at full speed and nothing to the screen.
    any help. because this my work laptop and I need your help. it will be great if you reply to this comment. Thank you.

  20. My Lenovo ThinkPad W530 turns on and the fans start going, but it doesn't boot at all. I had taken Windows entirely off it to do a clean install, but now I can't even get into the BIOS.

    You talk about this kind of problem early in the video and say there's a video I should look at, but I don't see it in the recommended ones off this. What's it called?

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