How To 100% FRP Bypass LG V20 2017 GSMFRP

Hey there everybody! Long time no see right? Well that’s because I’ve been busy figuring out how to FRP Bypass on the LG V20!


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  1. I'm looking to open the LG V20 phone. I'm locked out. Does anyone know how I can get back in without erasing my data? (Date now, not sure if this works at this date forward 6/25/2020)

  2. nice work man…hey brother I got fingerprint locked up on my LG v20 and I don't wat to reset it,I have lots important things in my cellphone…. do you know how can I unlock it and have save my stuff.
    please let me know when you get chance thanks I really appreciate.

  3. Duuudee !!! Thanks a loot, you've saved me and helped me to gain some money for unlocking a v20 for someone. I will be allways thanksful to you. Have a nice day and thank you again.

  4. Kudos on figuring it out tho buddy! Frp bypass is no joke sometimes! Took me 3 weeks with an LG Stylo once cuz nobody had cracked it yet and listed instructions online and I had to figure it out all by myself lol it wasn't fun at all haha

  5. I think ya may have went a tad too far with the method buddy. Once u were in settings the first time all u needed to do was add an email to accounts that's not a Gmail account and then take off all their accounts listed in accounts and sync besides the one thats not urs,wipe all phone admins/trust agents/usage access/notification access in security,wipe cache/ data/disable every app in app manager that u can, then soft reset followed by a hard reset for good measure. Just did one couple weeks ago.

  6. Hey…I have LG Stylo 3 plus from doesn't have setup wizard app. So I can't add it to sidebar also the commands don't work for me in the terminal.i think maybe I'm storing it wrong. I'm on 7.0 with April patch… Nothing for that yet?

  7. You can avoid using a pendrive by first entering Chrome to download the package from the description of the video or typing the full link in the browser bar, before entering the first time in Settings. It has worked on a donwgraded LG G5 US992. Thank you very much, all the other methods proven before this have not worked.

  8. @ GhostlyHaks.comMan how do i type in the code successfully? everytime i finish a line and press enter or whatever it fills in a bunch of stuff i didn't type

  9. man i just bought a v20 with this crap, but like you i was determined to figure out a way to do it. i have all of it done up untill the writting code part. everytime finish a line and then press enter it types in a bunch of stuff not even needed. HOW DO YOU DO THIS MAN??!!

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