Hard or Force Reset a Removable Battery | HP Notebooks | @HPSupport – GSM FRP

00:00 Introduction
00:43 Begin hard reset
01:27 Hard reset
01:45 Complete the reset process

In this video, you will see how to perform a forced reset on your HP notebook computer with a removable battery. If you have been facing problems with the software or hardware on your computer, resetting the system is a great way to resolve most problems.

Specific steps are included in this video for the HP Envy 17 2D/3D, HP Envy 15-3000 series, HP Folio 13, HP Envy 4, HP Envy 6, HP Envy Spectre XT, HP Envy x2 and HP Envy 14 SPECTRE.

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Hard or Force Reset a Removable Battery | HP Notebooks | @HPSupport


45 thoughts on “Hard or Force Reset a Removable Battery | HP Notebooks | @HPSupport – GSM FRP”

  1. Tried this and it didnt work. I can hear the fan running. Sometimes things flash on screen. Like "windows is loading files" and then flashes the bright blue loading screen background and then nothing

  2. I have an old hp laptop probook 4540s that i just found (again), i have forgotten my password and tried the uh, password reset with that wizard app, but after plugging in a random usb it says "password reset not found" or something like that, could you help??

  3. My hp laptop stops charging (it has removable battery) for seconds, then charging starts again, and it happens endlessly like a loop. When i do not charge it, it works fine with the battery on, and when i take out the battery, and run it with an AC adapter,it also works fine (so it is not my charger). What can be the problem? How can i fix it?

  4. Absolutely no sounds comes out of my HP ENVY 17 Notebook PC. No beeps, no music (speaker nor headphones), not blue-toothed to other device, nothing, completely mute. How come?

  5. Thank u for information, my laptop can turn on normally. Please guys if your laptop was blank and there are word.. pause startup. Just do the same way like that video 🙂 very helpful

  6. Can you help me? When I open my laptop, I got a 601 Battery Error code. It says my battery needs to be replaced because it has very low storage capacity. When I charge it with its AC adaptor, the LED Light Indicator (for battery) keeps blinking white and orange. Can I fix this without replacing the battery? Please help, I needed my laptop for my studies. Thank you.

  7. I need a help… my laptop hp elitebook 2530p..when I turn on it doesn't not run and display blank but lights on..after some time its automaticly restart again and again

  8. I followed this video for my speakers problem and it did work just for a few minutes then the audio went out again 😢 so does this means i need new speakers?

  9. My hp probook 6470b stopped charging and now its 0% and doesnt turn on but flashes one white light when i connect the charger but when i press power button it flashes 9,5 times and i did what was in the video but it didnt do anything and i tried turning it on without the battery but that didnt work either

  10. please help me fix my hp laptop. ac adapter and battery is in good conditions, but my laptop only work if the charger is plugged in. if I unplugged the charger, the laptop turns off, and it also turns off when I slightly move the laptop. I already tried open my laptop just by inserting the battery without plugging in the charger. The laptop remains turned off. Please help me, how will I fix this?

  11. My laptop dv 5t 1000 is not running properly… When i am running troubleshoot for sound then audio is coming… But when i am closing the troubleshoot then i am not able to listen the audio..

  12. If I switch off or pause my Zbook it does not restart unless I remove the battery and the power cord completely and and put all back in. Is this a hardware issue or what can I do?

  13. I've tried everything except put a gun to my laptops head to get it to reset, it'll let me get as far as the choice to keep files of remove everything, then it says insert my windows 10 cd (which I don't have, bought my HP used from a friend who passed in 2017) BUT,,,, I had to do a hard reset a few months back and it DIDN'T ask for that

  14. My HP laptop is powering on, but the display remains blank. Last time I used my laptop it was working perfectly. What should I do? Should I do a hard reset? Would that delete all the files on my laptop? Please help.

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