Gigabyte X570 AORUS ULTRA has a dirty secret! – GSM FRP

Gigabyte X570 AORUS ULTRA :

I loved both the Elite and Pro series AORUS has released for the X570 chipset. Understandably I had a world of expectations when receiving the X570 AORUS ULTRA, its more expensive larger than life gaming monster.

But, the more I toyed with it, the more I realized that, AORUS, is not telling us everything.

The Gigabyte x570 AORUS Ultra is not who it says it is!



39 thoughts on “Gigabyte X570 AORUS ULTRA has a dirty secret! – GSM FRP”

  1. asus tough gaming mobo is a better value i found, but they only have 1 internal usb 3.0 header which made me go with aorus 馃檨 as I needed 2 for more case.

  2. Is there a Gigabyte x570 motherboard that matches the LED light show as on both the x470 & x370 AORUS GAMING 7 motherboards? doesn't seem so but would love too be proven wrong, again loving your reviews and you as a reviewer 馃憤馃榾

    Edit: another question the 3x m.2 slots can all be used in raid zero? And would it make much difference in speed say over 2x in raid zero or compared too 1x m.2, maybe future videos could point this out 馃

  3. As of March 2021 I can't find the Gigabyte X570 AORUS PRO WIFI anywhere, and the Ultra is widely available for 拢50 cheaper. Seems to me Gigabyte knew they screwed up, so have straight up replaced the Pro Wifi with the Ultra, at the Pro Wifi's price point. If that's true, then the Ultra is actually a much better buy now.

  4. Salut ! Je ne sais pas si tu vas me r茅pondre !

    Je cherche une CM compatible Ryzen 5000 series et j'ai quelques param猫tres 脿 prendre en compte:

    -Du lightning ou du RGB sur la CM,
    -2 headers USB3

    Le truc c'est que j'ai vu des B550 jolies mais sans double header
    J'ai aussi vu la X570 Master d'AORUS qui est la m锚me que l'ultra avec le rgb en + (je suppose)
    sauf que je suis pas int茅ress茅 par l'OC et par le prix de ces CM mdrrr, donc si jamais t'as des tuyaux, je suis preneur !

    Super vid茅o btw !

  5. Last month I bought aorus b450 elite v2 and the pc mobo works fine normally when I turn on pc the pc fan case ramps up on maximum speed and then after pc completely boot up the fans speed comes to normal speed but after 1 month when I turn on pc the fans stopped for little while but the rgb light turn on and few second after turn on then my pc case fans started to spin is there a problem just afraid if my pc going to give problem

    It only happens sometimes

  6. Pro WiFi doesn鈥檛 retail in a lot of smaller countries, and the Ultra is less aggressively priced than originally in these places due to less demand and more price flexibility from local resellers, so I鈥檓 getting it.

  7. Nice review. I've had mine since last fall. If anyone wants a new, but no box Samsung 980 Pro 2tb for a good price, lemme know on my main YT page. I bought two, but only need one. Im a photographer, and do basic vid editing, but, if I ever figure out how to work with the raw vid files that my latest tool, the awesome Canon R5 produces, I might up my vid editing skills, but will need some instruction. I took out the Gen 3 Adata SX8200 Pro that was in slot two, and will move the former o/s drive, a Gen 4 Corsair MP600 to that slot. Having two fast drives for photo editing, one as a scratch drive, is the bomb, eh?!!

  8. the bottom most pcie slot is actualy off the chipset independent of the first 2 16x so if you populated all slots its actualy 8x 8x 4x
    you can also do 16x 0 4x

  9. Ok! This is my first time I am searching for PC motherboards and things , because I want to slowly buy each PC component and build my own PC at my own pace. After hundrends of videos, this is the first time I can UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING ( more or less ) ! Thank you so much! Subscribed

  10. Guys help me pls, i just bought a ryzem 5900x and i need a good board for it, you think this Aorus Ultra would be good? I'm planning on overclocking as well.

  11. GIGABYTE is shit! i am done with gigabyte.. going to MSI to replace GIGABYTE board usage, this X570 Aorus Wifi Pro, (*latest bios) cannot get into bios, cannot reset bios, pulled power, pulled battery, let it set, replace battery, jumpered bios reset, still Frozen at Aorus splash screen upon F12 or DEL to enter bios/boot menu , pulled power disconnected all USB , all sata, BIOS reset again.. NO DICE! still frozen at trying to get into bios/boot menu. which means I cannot even boot off of USB flash drive if i choose to. It will boot into windows just fine, even using windows troubleshoot to enter UEFI fails and still froozen. I AM DONE with GIGABYTE, this is the second Gigabyte board (4th Gigabyte product) that has failed or has blocked me out of getting into bios.. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING should stop you from entering the bios, the one fail safe item you should be able to get into. I been building PCs since 1985, this is not my first rodeo. ASUS , MSI, has been my solid run to boards, but gigabyte was a cheaper option and now i know why. Pure SHIT!

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