Gigabyte B550 Master UEFI BIOS GUIDE & TOUR Inc TPM – GSM FRP

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Gigabyte B550 Master UEFI BIOS GUIDE and features tour including TPM2.0
A pretty good BIOS layout, not really liking the fan speed settings, think that will be better in the software.
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18 thoughts on “Gigabyte B550 Master UEFI BIOS GUIDE & TOUR Inc TPM – GSM FRP”

  1. What, no description what Spread Spectrum Control is & what it does? Shocking! 😂 As for the esc "Bug", I'm used to it. In some cases, I might be just making one or two changes, and instead of having to escape & go to the save tab, just pressing ESC & choosing Save & Exit right then is handy.

  2. Interesting video Mike. I have to agree when you said if you dont know dont touch! Looks highly complicated for novice as i. One question i have is ref the cpu temp, is 30°c typical idle temp? I have R5 3600 with 212Evo and starts up at 50°c then cools to 40ish. My prev FX 8350 would idle at 29°ish! The F15 case has 6 fans too. I find that my wireless mouse is sometimes stuttery in bios but the Ros Strix mb responds to nornal key presses inc ESC perfectly. Thanks for the honest insight. Stay safe everyone👍

  3. I just got one of my ASUS PRIME A320M-K upgraded to a 3200g and tpm configured in the BIOS. I'M waiting for the 3100 to upgrade my other one to have both ready for win11. Now, I have a 2200g and a 1500x for sale! I hope Microsoft change their mind about Ryzen 1 because I dont see why a 1600 or a 1800x would not run 11 while a 3200g can..🤔I still have 2 machines with a 1600 and a 1600x running just fine.

  4. Hi Mike love all the films you make they are very good! also Id like to know on my new asus rog strix b550-e gaming the rgb lights are on inside the case, is there a setting to turn this off please ? MIKE M1KEY

  5. finally a tour of my bios. gigabyte has one but its outdated. ran into a hickup recently tho. after flashing to f13 bios with my 5800x both "pump" plugs no longer read as a pump or even show any readings but they work. ive tried jumping the cmos and battery reset. but nothing. hope you can help and awesome vid.

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