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During his five-day visit to Washington, DC, on Wednesday, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar will be the first Indian cabinet member to meet with senior members of the Biden administration in person, with the possibility of a meeting with the American president, albeit remote at this time.

Covid-19, a topic on everyone’s mind, and related healthcare issues are anticipated to be discussed, as well as a wide range of issues ranging from international to domestic, such as Afghanistan, economic and geopolitical, representing the ever-expanding breadth of the bilateral relationship and related discussions.

In this edition of FRP Explains, Bharata First’s Editor-in-Chief analyses the EAM’s visit to the U.S.

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35 thoughts on “FRP Explains: Significance of Foreign Minister's U.S. Visit – GSM FRP”

  1. Absolutely, Besides getting IPR waivers, manufacturing capacity and sophisticated technology what India needs to be looked at now. However, India has inoculated 5℅ of its population so far, and we hope it would be able to bring 'herd immunity' soon, by vaccinating at least 60℅ of its population.
    Again, India has the high time to show its foreign principles and objectives to the world. On the one hand, India is trying to make robust ties with the major countries, on the another hand it is going to help the other technologyless and manufacturing less countries by exporting the vaccines.

  2. Its just like a low intensity prolonged warfare.
    Compromised lifestyle, dented economy, stressed healthcare system… everything happening just like war time.
    This is something which is gonna go into the history textbooks for sure!

  3. Sir it has been becoming big news that this virus impact children in third wave , but how can virus behave according to age if it is natural ? If third wave comes and impact children at all that means it is not natural ,rather bioweapon . We also need to look at other previous pandemic , is this happened in times of those pandemic ,ki virus age wise periodic impact karta h??? This is really big question to ponder.

  4. Frank i follow you from long time
    You made rstv a real constructivel debate place
    Kudos that you started your own . best wishes
    If possible organise debate as well i think its your forte !

  5. Sir, what is patent act 1970?
    Make videos please on it….this is the need of aspirants today!
    You comprehensively complete any topic that is why your contents are preferable!

  6. Really happy with Bharata First. I appreciate how you refer to the virus as 'Wuhan Virus', which is how it must be referred. China's fishy activities have badly affected the world and it must be condemned.

  7. Frank… I think indians in america must have already taken the vaccines of US… The challenging thing is that how these vaccines perform wrt indians and more importantly in indian climate… So gene changes wrt change in climate is not rapid…so we can look at the way the indians in US are reacting and expedite adminstering the vaccines in india

  8. Hospitals in Delhi are turning away ppl saying no vaccines available but there was a reporter who made a ruckus and then hospital provided the vaccines immediately.

    I fear there is black marketing of vaccines in Delhi.

    Also, State Govt need to be fined for Wastage of vaccine, that includes BJP ruled states.

  9. On one hand it is said that despite getting patents we may not have the technology to produce vaccines, on the other hand we are the largest vaccine producers in the world. How do we reconcile these two?

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