FRP Explains: Himachal Police Left Red-Faced – GSM FRP

A scuffle took place between SP of Kullu and Himachal Pradesh CM’s Security personnel. SP slapped the security officer who is of the rank of ASP. DGP intervened and an inquiry has been ordered into this incident.

Video Editor: Ajeet Singh
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22 thoughts on “FRP Explains: Himachal Police Left Red-Faced – GSM FRP”

  1. Clearly SP hit first so it is his mistake. He didn't follow gentlemen behaviour. If he did get suspension for atleast 6 months then he will beat whole Himachal Pradesh people without a reason 😀😁

  2. When the CM himself supresses the demands of the public and the brave SP in spire of geting orders to force people to stay back does his duty of being of a public servant. India deserves such public servants.

  3. That shows how tolerant Indian Police would be to the common public…. It must have been his usual day to day practice of dealing with a common man…. But just when he continued his practice on the officer, epiphany hit him hard and he had to take some steps back so that he doesn't get embarrassed by getting slapped back in that crowd….

  4. Security personnel is behaving rudely in the video even without listening to the sp, it made him furious and slapped him. It is the fault of security personnel to behave like that, i am with sp

  5. On what basis security personnal demanded free passage for the minister? If he was a high rank official, why were they using legs to attack the SP like a roadside goon?

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