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Are you facing problems while shutting down your windows 10 system? Instead of shutting down, the system goes for sleep and we are some times compelled to force shutdown by long pressing the shut down button.
You can fix the problem by going to Power Options I Change the settings that are currently unavailable and Uncheck the fast turn on and fast shut down! Save and close the power options.

###Windows 10 Restarts Automatically instead of shutdown?

###Windows 10 Won’t Sleep?

####UPDATES (If the methods above do not work then please try these
A: Two Suggestions by +livealovelife:
1: Go to All Settings I Accounts I Sign in Options I Require sign-in When PC Wakes up from sleep.
2: In Power Options “when I close the lid” make it to “sleep”

B:Suggestion by +Yousif Anwar: Installing the following drivers will fix the problem

C: Christopher Treanor (1owlcityfan) says
“The fix solved the issue for some but a lot of HP users still had problems (including me). The problem is with Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI). Downgrade it to a 9.x or a 10.x version. Disable Windows updates. Put it as an exception for updates using Windows 10 Show or Hide Updates so it won’t upgrade the program automatically. Re-enable Windows updates (if you prefer to). Restart. Everything should run perfectly now, including its Sleep mode”

Hope it works! If it doesn’t work please let’s know! Your feedbacks will help us to serve you better!

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