Final Solution!!! Samsung S7 Edge SM-G935F. Remove Google Account. Bypass FRP. GSMFRP

Use this method, if you get the message:”This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously …

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  1. Пробвах на s6 Edge но не се получава постоянно ми изписва че телефона трябва да се рестартира при поставянето на сим картата и при премахването и… Може ли да ми помогнеш по някакъв начин ще съм ти адски благодарен. 🙂

  2. 🙁 not working. Right at the beginning, when I put my sim card in, it comes back up with the screen that just has the 'start' icon. I still tried ejecting the sim card and pushing the power button at the same time. Every time it comes up with the screen about 'Check SIM/SD card tray' If I push the ok icon, it goes to the screen with the 'power off' and 'restart' icons. Agrhhhhhh I've been trying for hours

  3. Братле българин съм излиза ми това там времето и тн но не ми излиза това you are not sing in🧐🤨

  4. Omg u are truly The Best!I can't thank u enough!!anyone reading this it worked after trying idk how many other methods THIS GUY RIGHT HERE!Look no more he takes you step by step through the whole process!Ur amazing!

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